Customer Goes Above and Beyond for her Girl's Flower Garden Wall Mural

by Stephanie Goins on November 14, 2011

Flower Garden Wall Mural

If anyone was to ask me what I love most about creating wall mural stencil kits and wall stickers for a living, I would likely say many different things, since there is so much to love about what I do. However, by far one of the best things about this company is the fact that it allows people from all walks of life and from all different levels of creative and artsy backgrounds to experiment with color and layouts to create a room that is truly unique and wonderful.

Many of our customers do only what is included in the kits, which is perfect. However, sometimes we find people that decide to go wild with their room designs, and Adriana and John from California definitely fit that bill to a tee.

The couple purchased our Flower Garden Wall Stencil Mural Kit; as it is one of our most popular kits, I knew from the start it would be a game-winner for their 3-year-old daughter Amy. But, when they sent us the pictures of the room, as many customers do, we were blown away by how personalized the room had become.

Flower Wall StencilsAdriana and John chose the Flower Garden theme simply because they wanted something that reflected the feeling of a beautiful home with a fantastic garden and a calm blue sky – just the thing to allow Amy to dream and imagine every minute of the day. They decided to go with a stencil kit rather than the sticker set mainly because of the creative freedom that is inherent with the painted stencils.  The couple also decided to make the room re-decoration a fun time for their family to all get together and work alongside each other to finish the project.

As Adriana was pregnant at the time, they decided to take the project one step at a time. This also allowed them to add a plethora of finishing touches and special details to the murals, including stones, shadows, sparkles, bubble eyes, and much lot more. It definitely helped that Adriana is fairly crafty, as she felt pretty comfortable deviating form the stencils and adding unique pieces to the walls.

As for the used wall stencils, the family is saving them for the next time they have a mural to paint, since they were so simple to customize and are able to be reused again with ease. Their favorite stencil was tree, both for its size and its realistic appearance.

Another unique aspect of Adriana and John’s experience with our company and our wall stencils is how they found us. We love hearing about all the fun ways that customers come across our website, and this couple’s experience is definitely fun. Adriana was checking for room ideas on by HGTV and saw one room that was incredible. On the site, the mother who had helped to create the space mentioned that she did the room with the help of our wall stencils and right away Adriana decided to visit our My Wonderful Walls website.

No matter how our customers find us, we are overjoyed when we can help them make their vision for a special room become a reality. Thanks Adriana, John, and Amy – your room is truly wonderful!

Floral Girls Room