Disney Lovers & Parents-To-Be Create Gorgeous Princess Wall Mural for Baby Girl

by Stephanie Goins on December 29, 2011

pregnant baby roomFor many parents of little girls, Disney Princesses are an automatic room decoration idea – it’s easy, it’s simple, and what little girl does not spend time dreaming of being a princess? However, one couple living in the backyard of Disney – Orlando, Florida – wanted something a bit more special for their little princess.

As they themselves are Disney lovers, Tammy and Carter go almost every weekend to the theme park and Tammy is a travel agent for families wishing to make the magical trip. But when it came to their daughter’s room, they had another idea. After moving from Pennsylvania to Florida, away from family and friends, and waiting a long time trying to have their precious little miracle, when they found out they were having a little girl, they wanted her princess room to be special and unique.

Carter spent some time researching princess wall art and wall decals online and came across My Wonderful Walls, where he found the Perfectly Princess Wall Sticker Kit. He knew Tammy would love it. After finding a coupon on Facebook, they purchased the sticker kit and began painting the walls to match the stickers.

After allowing the walls to completely dry for two weeks, Tammy said it only took them about an hour to place the stickers exactly where they wanted them – even after moving them around a few times.

Tammy mentioned that neither she nor Carter are artistically inclined, so that was one reason they chose the stickers instead of the stencils, plus the option of being able to move them around to get the design they wanted was very appealing as well. She also recommended that others consider keeping walls a solid paint color for a more natural look, just as they did with their daughter’s room.

Tammy and Carter chose from a variety of different furniture pieces to accent the room and blend seamlessly with the sticker set. Tammy mentioned that even though she has yet to select bedding, is sure she will find something to match with the many color options she has to choose from, since the Perfectly Princess Wall Sticker Kit is so colorful.

Designing and decorating the room together with her mom who was able to come visit from Pennsylvania, and her husband was a wonderful experience for Tammy. She was thrilled that Carter found My Wonderful Walls, and we here definitely return the feeling. We are excited for their coming bundle of joy and wish them all the best.

They have all been waiting for their ‘little miracle’ for a very long time, and wanted to do something truly special for her; with the wall stickers from My Wonderful Walls, they were able to create a serene nursery for their little princess and enjoy the process as a family, and they cannot wait to share the room with their daughter in January, 2012!! Congratulations Tammy & Carter!!

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