Dinosaur Wall Mural Finds Home in Sussex, England

by Stephanie Goins on January 03, 2012

Dinosaur Wall Stencils

Winged and 4-legged creatures move about realistic prehistoric scenes with the ease that comes form centuries of living off the land. Volcanoes give off delightfully ominous steam as if the impending eruption is mere moments away. Here, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Pterodactylus, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, and countless others mingle in perfect harmony. No, it is not a museum exhibit or a scene from Disneyland – this is what the walls of a little boy named Marcus are filled with.

Carola, his mother, knew that her three-year-old dinosaur expert needed a place where he could immerse himself in his passion, so it was only natural that she began looking for a way to help the pictures and animals from Marcus’ imaginative games and stories come to life for him.

The family lives in West Sussex, England – a far cry from the My Wonderful Walls headquarters, but nevertheless Carola’s Internet search for something unique and special led her straight to the company’s website. Carola had spent quite a bit of time searching online, and - as luck would have it - just as she found the My Wonderful Walls website, her son walked in saw it on the screen and decided then and there that the design was perfect. They ordered the Dinosaur Days Wall Mural Stencil Kit immediately and waited with baited breath for the day of its arrival.

Carola was no stranger to wall decorations for her son’s room; when he was a baby she had beautiful wall stickers filling his room, but unfortunately he displayed an uncanny knack for peeling them off of the wall. While now, at the mature age of three, it is unlikely he would repeat that mischief, Carola was not sure she wanted to risk it. Once she found the My Wonderful Walls painted stencil kits, she realized that the incredible flexibility that the stencils offered were just what she had been searching for.

As Marcus is mad about all things relating to dinosaurs, the two also were excited about the fact that they could reuse his favorite stencils and also choose the color scheme for certain dinosaurs that Marcus had a strong opinion about. Another added benefit? Carola was ecstatic that the volume of paint that came with the paint kit she ordered was not only enough to fill Marcus’ walls, but there was also enough left over to paint flowers on the wall of her daughter’s room – just like getting two rooms for the price of one!

It only took the crafty duo a mere two and a half days to complete their prehistoric project, even though Carola describes her personal artistic ability as being next to non-existent. She is proud that the finished product truly looks professional, even though it was she and her son that did the entirety of the painting themselves.  As an added measure of personality, Carola painted beetles and other assorted bugs on the floor under Marcus’ bed so that later when he is playing or digging around for toys under his bed he will find a fun surprise awaiting him.

The pictures of this room absolutely reflect a room mural created with love and creativity – thank you so much Carola and Marcus for sharing your story with us!