Let Your Boys Slay Dragons with our NEW Flight of Dragon Wall Stickers

by Stephanie Goins on January 04, 2012

To become a Knight, every man - or in this case, boy - must slay a dragon and save the Princess.  Now your little boy can imagine he is taking his journey to save the princess and try to become a Knight with these uniquely designed Flight of Dragons Wall Stickers.  Our design features a rainbow of colored dragons, huge castles, wizards, knights, swords, and much more. 

Dragon and Knights Wall StickersAlthough our wall stickers are flat to the touch, they will have your child’s imagination soaring!  There are so many details inserted into each decal the dragons appear to have actual scales on their skin, the castle seem to be made of real stone, the trees of real foliage, and the swords of real metal.

Furthermore, these dragon wall stickers are made from SafeCling™, which is an innovative fabric material that does not tear or stretch.  SafeCling™ also makes it easy for you to apply these wall decals over and over again, so if you change your mind you can freely move them around without worrying about them tearing or losing their adhesive backing.. You can also create unique scenes by layering the stickers.  Best of all, they leave behind no residue for you to scrub or scrape off your walls and they do not peel off paint.

Similar to our Pirate Wall Stickers, the Flight of Dragons Wall Sticker Kit is less whimsical than some of our other sets and was designed with an older child in mind.  However, they are a wonderful asset for any room of your home or spaces where a child goes to grow and develop.

Personalized Dragon Wall StickersIncluded in the Flight of Dragons Wall Sticker Kit you will receive 28 total stickers, including a 3-foot castle wall sticker, a castle with reading dragon wall sticker, 3 sea dragon wall stickers, 10 soaring dragon wall stickers in multiple colors, a dragon with jewel wall sticker, a knight on a flying dragon, and many more, all guaranteed to spark your little one’s imagination and encourage his adventurous spirit. And for $25 extra, you even personalize the dragon wall mural with your child's name on a unique dragon banner.

Together, these dragon wall stickers will create an amazing scene on one wall, or you can split them up to add a touch of creativity to all four walls in one room.  The design was created for a dragon-loving boy or girl of any age, and can be used perfectly in a baby’s room, toddler’s room, or an older child’s room to help spark their interests in role play and use of their imagination. 

The Flight of Dragons Wall Sticker Kit is also a perfect fit for any child’s bathroom, or playroom, and is a perfect match for classrooms, daycare centers, preschools, or doctor’s offices.  Since the sticker material is so resilient, feel free to have your little adventurer help you out with the placement of the stickers on the wall – no matter where they decide to put each one, it is sure to be something they will love for a long time.