A Canadian Couple Gets Their Son MOO-ving In His Farm Theme Room

by Stephanie Goins on January 07, 2012

Farm Wall Mural

Creating wall mural stencils is very a rewarding and fun, but what is just as exciting is when we receive feedback from customers that were pleased with their wall decal or stencil kit experience. We love hearing about how our customers have fallen in love with our products, and that is just the case with one couple, Lee & Kerrie, from Saskatchewan, Canada.

Lee and Kerrie wanted to create a space for their son Jayden that would grow with him, but yet still be suitable for a two-year-old, and they wanted the room to have a definite theme as well. Kerrie thought about how much he loves farm animals and her mind was set – it would be a farm-themed room.

After a Google search for farm themes, she found My Wonderful Walls and our Friendly Farm Stencil Kit and could not have been happier. After receiving their kit in the mail, which - according to Kerrie - arrived very quickly, they immediately set to work painting and creating a beautifully transformed room for Jayden.

Kerrie said, “After we painted the sky and grass, it only took us a few days to paint everything else on. And, that was with two coats!” The couple chose the wall stencils over our wall stickers largely because Kerrie particularly liked the idea of painting the mural directly on the wall, which they found was quite easy to do.

With My Wonderful Walls mural stencil kits, the wall stencils are self-adhesive, to keep them from shifting around while you paint. However, they come right back off when you are finished, without taking off the base paint. The Friendly Farm Stencil Kit comes with 30 wall mural stencils, free brushes, and a detailed guide complete with tips and ideas that, as Lee and Kerrie found out, help get your project MOO-ving!

One of the wall stencils they loved the most was the barn, which they even added their own touches to. Their son, however, really gets a kick out of the cow. Kerrie commented that although My Wonderful Walls provides suggestions of brands and colors of paint to use with their stencils, they choose to change some of the shades to better match with their vision for the room. Now, their son has a farm theme bedroom he not only loves to play in, but that is a place where he can use his imagination to interact with the animals and go on wild adventures.

Together, Lee & Kerrie enjoyed painting the wall mural for their son, and would definitely recommend My Wonderful Walls to family and friends. They found their experience with My Wonderful Walls to be terrific and friendly, and Lee & Kerrie really enjoyed working on the project together, creating a wonderful, fun, and playful room for their son!

When customers let us know about their experience with My Wonderful Walls and they great time they had laying out the mural, painting, or even using one of our Wall Decal Kits, it truly makes us smile. This is why we started this company – to bring joy and laughter into the lives of family across the world – and we look forward to continuing to hear more stories just like this one as the years go by.

 Farm Animal Mural

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