Adorable Polka Dot Room “Spotted” In Caledonia, Michigan

by Stephanie Goins on January 23, 2012

Polka Dot StencilsThere is nothing more amazing than having a newborn, except maybe creating a room with the help of My Wonderful Walls. Okay, so maybe creating a nursery is not more special than having a newborn, but it’s close. According to one couple, Aaron and Nicole of Caledonia, Michigan, who purchased the Polka Dot Stencils – Circle Wall Stencils from My Wonderful Walls to create a nursery for their newborn daughter Madyson they were thrilled to find something that matched with their vision for their baby’s bedroom.

When considering all of the ideas of how they could decorate their baby girl’s nursery, they decided on polka dots even before finding My Wonderful Walls through an Internet search. Although their original intention was to stick to polka dots on only one wall of the nursery, Aaron, the mastermind behind the project, let his creativity flow - or as he referred to it, “just has a good vision,” and the couple ended up with a room full of polka dots that they absolutely love.

Aaron and Nicole chose the Polka Dot Stencil Kit because it matched their needs the best and they felt it would be easy to use. In fact, Aaron mentioned the only suggestion he would have for other users of My Wonderful Walls Stencil Kits would be that they clean the stencils to prevent paint build up in order to maintain clean paint lines.

Polka Dot Room ThemeWith using wall stencils, Aaron and Nicole knew they could choose the colors that best suited the look they were going for. They chose orange creamsicle for the wall color, which matched the bedding for Madyson’s crib. With the help of some pin-striping tape, Aaron created a whimsical yellow ribbon through the center, breaking up the orange wonderfully.

But, let’s not forget the amazing polka dots!!! Above the spot-on yellow stripe, Aaron and Nicole added colorful polka dots using the Polka Dot Wall Stencil Kit from My Wonderful Walls. They commented that the stencil kit was great, because they were self-adhesive, and “couldn’t be easier” to use – the “hardest part was just getting started.”

Although it took them a couple of days to complete the nursery, it Polka Dot DIY Stencilswas well worth it knowing it was going to be their baby girl’s room. Now that Madyson is 8 months old, she is really starting to show some interest in the beautiful pattern of polka dots created by her mother and father. However, Nicole did mention that even when Madyson was a newborn she seemed mesmerized by the polka dots as Nicole was rocking her to sleep.

For the creators of My Wonderful Walls, this is what the experience is all about (DOT DOT DOT) having happy parents, who have made wonderful rooms for their children to grow and play in. Although Aaron and Nicole chose to use the polka dot wall mural for a nursery, they can be used in almost any room, such as a playroom, a preschool or other classroom and even a bathroom. In fact, the Polka Dot Wall Stencil Kit is so versatile, and can be used time and again with any color palette.

A BIG thank you to Aaron, Nicole and Madyson for sharing your beautiful room with us!