Transform Any Boring Room into a Beautiful Nursery!

by Stephanie Goins on January 25, 2012

If you are expecting a new addition to your family and are looking for unique, affordable ideas for nursery wall art, My Wonderful Walls has everything you need to turn an average room into an exciting baby nursery!

My Wonderful Walls specializes in nursery wall art , including several nursery wall stickers as well as stencils and murals for baby nurseries. Transforming your room into a nursery is easier than ever with their high quality wall stickers and beautiful nursery stencils.

The nursery wall stickers are fun and easy to apply. They are removable and reusable, so you can change up your nursery wall art whenever you'd like! The Splendid Garden Wall Sticker Set is perfect for a girl's baby nursery. Bright hues of pinks and purples, flying butterflies and birds, and a 6ft tree will make your baby nursery a special place. If you need to transform your room for a baby boy, try the Transportation Wall Sticker Set ! With trucks, trains, planes and hot air balloons, fill the walls of your nursery with all of the exciting things your little boy will love.

Keeping the sex of your baby a surprise? My Wonderful Walls also features many nursery wall stickers themes with gender neutral colors! The Forest Friends Wall Stickers kit features fun forest animals and wildlife in light green and other neutral colors!

Aside from wall stickers, My Wonderful Walls also offers nursery wall stencils! Even if you are "artistically challenged", these wall stencils make it easy for anyone to paint beautiful murals in their baby nursery! With themes like dinosaurs, outer space, under the sea, fairy princess, and polka dot, you're sure to find something you will love for your baby nursery! They also offer special stencil paint kits, making it easy to recreate the looks straight from the website!

Your options for creating beautiful nursery wall art are endless with the wall stickers and stencil kits from My Wonderful Walls. Browse some of the customer photos on their website for inspiration, or have fun creating your very own scene.