A Little Princess Creates Her Very Own Wonderland

by Stephanie Goins on January 31, 2012

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According to Aimee, the mother of 5-year-old Meredith from Ooltewah, Tennessee, it had become high time to redecorate Meredith’s room, making it a little less “baby” and a lot more “Princess.” Meredith, who lives and breathes all things Princess, was so excited about her Princess Theme Wall Sticker Kit from My Wonderful Walls that she could hardly stand it.

When they decided to change the room’s décor, Aimee decided to allow Meredith to explore her creativity and artistic abilities by choosing the colors and the placement of the wall stickers. Much to her surprise, Meredith not only created beautiful scenes, but even has a story for one, which happens to be Aimee’s favorite.

Meredith decided to place the Princess and the Unicorn, as well as the Castle, over her bed. She created a story that the Princess and Unicorn are best friends who love each other very much. She then decided to place the Dragon above, dropping hearts down on them, in order for them to always keep their love for one another.

Although many who purchase the Princess Wall Sticker Kit paint rolling hills to place the stickers on, Meredith chose not to. While Aimee was slightly nervous as to how the ‘floating’ stickers would look, Meredith’s creativity shone brightly, giving the stickers their own special places and – of course –their own stories.

Although they have used other products from My Wonderful Walls -the Ocean Theme Stencil Kit, to be exact - Aimee was especially thrilled with the wall stickers. She chose them specifically because Meredith could play a bigger role in the creation of her Princess Room than she could have if they had chosen to paint via stencils. The stickers also give her the ability to rearrange them as her imagination grows and changes.

Working together on the project, Aimee found that this was the perfect opportunity for Meredith to be a part of her room makeover. Although she needed her mother’s help placing some of the larger stickers, such as the Castle, Meredith was able to quickly place the smaller stickers - and remove them and reapply them as much as she wanted without them losing their “stick.” Once the room was completed, which only took approximately 30 minutes, both Aimee and Meredith were thrilled with the results, declaring this to be a room ‘fit for a Princess.’

As was previously mentioned, they have used products from My Wonderful Walls, and continue to look forward to using them in the future. In fact, Aimee - who knows the Goins’ family well - has already started planning to redo her son Grayden’s nursery.

She has been amazed with not only the products that come from My Wonderful Walls, but also the people who own and operate the company. She says, “They are great people and genuinely care about how you feel the room turns out.” We here definitely return the sentiment, as it is the amazing people that use our products that make what we do so incredibly fun and rewarding.

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