3-Hour Transportation Room Redo - Customer Spotlight from Chattanooga, TN

by Stephanie Goins on February 15, 2012

Transportation Boys Room

Although the products at My Wonderful Walls are created the same way, packaged the same way, and shipped the same way for each and every order, they end up creating completely different spaces for each and every customer. According to Laura, the mother of two boys - Seth who is five and Aaron who is two - when she saw the Transportation Theme Wall Stickers, she knew they were perfect for her two very different darling boys.

In fact, when describing her boys’ personalities, she had this to say, “Their personalities can be seen in the way each of them approaches going downhill on a bike. Aaron, our tenacious and outgoing toddler, sees a hill and races toward it to get as much momentum as he can so he can fly down it with reckless abandon, laughing the entire way. Seth, our cautious and analytical preschooler, sees the hill in the distance, stops his bike, gets off, and starts asking questions about how fast he’ll go, whether or not he’ll fall off his bike, and whether it would be safer to walk his bike down the hill. He reluctantly gets back on the bike after some encouragement, pedals slowly to the start of the hill, and at a snail’s pace - with his brakes on the entire way - creeps to the base of the hill long after his younger brother has finished.”

Laura chose the Transportation Theme Wall Stickers because she believed the stickers would be easier than painting the transportation theme wall stencils, and as different as they are, both of her boys live and breathe trucks and vehicles. According to Laura, her crafting ability is at the level of a kindergartener, and the project still receives the response, “You did this?” from anyone who sees the room.

Seth and Aaron feel ecstatic about their new room, and the first time they saw the completed room they turned and said, “Mommy, you did it perfect!” All in all, they all feel that the room turned out terrific, and she and the boys were thrilled with the entire experience.

In fact, after spending about three hours over an entire weekend – the longest part was waiting for the paint to dry – Laura was extremely pleased with how easy it was to apply the wall stickers. Fun for mom and easy for the kids, there was truly something for everyone throughout the application process. And since the wall stickers can easily be removed and re-applied time and time again, the sticker scenes can be changed with every dream and idea the boys may latch onto next.

Additionally, with two boys that are very active and playful, the durability of the wall stickers is something that Laura is very thankful for. There is none of the ripping or color fading that other decals may fall prey to in this bedroom! It seems only fitting that the Transportation Theme Wall Stickers is the favorite of these two boys who are always VROOMING around!

Thank you, Laura, for sharing your boys' great room with us!