Mixing Murals and a little Magic-An Interactive approach!

by Stephanie Goins on March 28, 2012

Virtual Mural Maker

When it comes time to redecorate a room, there’s nothing more fun than adding your own personal touch to the walls. Whether it’s a boy, girl or adult bedroom; choosing a color scheme and accents sets the tone for renovation.

While choosing those colors and decorations can be fun, it can also be a frustrating process to try and see the overall, finished product when looking at only a sample. There are times when decoration calls for a little more imagination and a lot more flexibility!

For that very reason, we’ve added an interactive feature to our mural design center. With the click of a button, you can now create, adjust and re-create a personalized wall mural to fit any room you are looking to overhaul. Adults and children alike can add a touch of their own magic to their mural creations when they are able to set the theme, design the content and pick and choose colors as they like.

Adult shoppers will see the efficiency value in this new feature as it allows you to save on time and frustration. Being able to see your finished product before you purchase your wall mural, and make adjustments in advance, will ensure that your room lives up to your imaginative expectations.

Children will love the quality time they can spend with mom or dad helping to create a mural of their very own! When your children have the opportunity to contribute to a design that might adorn a newly, refurbished room; their sense of pride will match your finished mural perfectly.

This interactive feature allows you to simply click on your desired image, and alter it as you like at the touch of a button. Whether it becomes the dream work that you’ve been looking to place on your wall, or just a place to find inspiration; this feature prompts creativity and family time together! Kids can feel free to play with the digital mural online without having to purchase in the end. If you like your design, we’ll be happy to make your vision a reality. This is a space where digital creation has no limits!

We understand that when it comes to room decoration, your walls carry a lot of potential. For this reason, we decided to go beyond simple design technology and make our interactive creative space something that could be applied to a variety of mediums. This means that our interactive design feature isn’t only restricted to murals.

We’re excited about the many possibilities this new feature holds. We know that our customers have an endless number of visions, and we’re working hard to make figuring out the just the right theme….fun! So bring the kids and make sure and stop by mywonderfulwalls.com and check out our new interactive design feature! It’s an easy and creative way to add a little magic to your mural, and maybe, just the decoration inspiration you’ve been looking for. Let us know how the new feature helped you plan the room of your dreams – we would love to hear from you!