Spring Is In The Room 365 Days A Year In Fallbrook, California

by Stephanie Goins on March 28, 2012

It's hard to say that a day goes by where My Wonderful Walls does not receive feedback from a satisfied customer. This one particular story, sent in by Melissa Curras from Fallbrook, California, seems only fitting to post now, especially with spring right around the corner!

Floral Wall Mural StencilsAfter purchasing her 4-year-old daughter, Mary, a flower garden comforter and wall hangings, Melissa Curras began planning to redecorate the room. Mary, who is not a super girly-girl, loves the comforter and so, her mother searched Google and found the Bugs and Blossoms Wall Mural Stencil Kit offered exclusively by My Wonderful Walls. According to Melissa, this was a, "lucky find!"

Melissa has used wall stickers from another company in the past, only to discover later that her children had ripped them off the walls. This time around, she decided on something more permanent, and chose the Bugs and Blossoms Stencil Kit, as opposed to the wall stickers. Although Melissa chose to purchase her paints elsewhere, she did match the colors to the ones suggested by My Wonderful Walls, which she now considers to be, "Great Suggestions!"

Flower Wall MuralConsidering herself pretty artistic, Melissa enjoyed using the stencils instead of freehand painting the mural. In fact, she admitted that she loved not having to think about how to paint the flower garden, or what to put in it, "It was nice to have a garden all ready to go."

Completing Mary's room took Melissa approximately 6 hours. Although she had to go over the stencils a few times to get them the color she wanted, which she attributes to her discovery of using very little paint on your brush and coating three times, they dried very quickly. Melissa, however, does recommend you remove all furniture from the room to make it much easier.

She told us that she experienced a learnging curve with the stencils and admitted she got better at it the more she painted, making the use of My Wonderful Walls Wall Mural Stencils. She completed the project easily in one day.

While her favorite part of the completed room is the bumblebee, whom she thinks is pretty cute, Melissa enjoyed adding her own personal touches to the room. Using the templates as guides, she painted her own spots on the ladybugs and added her own smiley faces to the other bugs. As for Mary, when she first saw her newly redecorated room, she excited exclaimed, "I love it! It's my room!"

Overall, Melissa thoroughly enjoyed painting the spring-like room for her daughter, Mary, using the My Wonderful Walls Bugs and Blossoms Wall Mural Stencil Kit. She was pleased at how quickly the stencils arrived, and although she chose to throw her stencils out – they can be reused time and again!

Now, Mary's room boasts the beautiful hues and feeling of spring in her room 365 days a year, thanks to her mother's imagination and the Bugs and Blossoms Stencil Kit she purchased from My Wonderful Walls. Thank you for letting us be a part of your beautiful new room!

A big Thank You, Melissa and Mary, for sharing your pictures and story with us!