Texas Family Discovers My Wonderful Walls While Searching for New Home

by Stephanie Goins on April 16, 2012


Josh and Deana, parents from Adkins, Texas recently wrote in to tell us about the room they created for their 3-year-old daughter, Emily, with an amazing story about how they came to find My Wonderful Walls.

While searching for their dream home, they came upon a house that would have been perfect.  Two of the rooms had already been painted in the jungle theme and flower garden theme with the My Wonderful Walls Stencil Kits. Unfortunately, they were not able to purchase that home, as it was already under contract. However, Deana knew the Splendid Garden Theme would be perfect for Emily, their "butterfly princess",  once they found the home they were looking for.

After purchasing their new home, Deana conducted a Google search for wall murals and found My Wonderful Walls. Why wall stencils or wall stickers? Because they have highly textured walls in their home, she was afraid the wall stickers would not stick, or that Emily would peel them off. In addition, she wanted something a little more permanent, and immediately purchased the Flower Garden Theme Wall Mural Stencil Kit and the recommended Paint Kit.

They completed their wall mural in stages. From painting the walls to painting the wall stencils, the entire project took approximately two weeks. For Deana, perfection was a must, so occasionally she did paint over a few of the stencils and repainted them. She attributes much of this extra work to their textured walls. She is proof that though textured walls aren't ideal for the stencils, it is achievable with just a little more time and patience.

One of the stencils she thought was going to need repainted several times was the frog. However, she discovered her "inner Picasso," and was able to apply touch-ups quite easily, avoiding repainting the frog, which has now become her favorite part of the entire room.

Deana learned a few tricks during the mural painting process. She recommends:

  • saving the original wall paint in small plastic containers to make for easier touch-up work.
  • using a hairdryer to help speed up the drying of the stencils.
  • buying a fine tip brush for touch-ups
  • placing the background and hill paint colors in a small resealable plastic bowl to make touch-ups easier.
  • trying out different color schemes (she went to the nearest craft store to have additional colors on hand that she had seen from the customer photos on the website).

Currently, when visitors come, they also receive a tour of Emily's room. While guests are amazed at the wall mural Deana and Josh created, Emily is the most excited. According to her mother, once Emily saw the completed room, she absolutely loved it!

For a stay-at-home mom of an incredible three-year-old, there was nothing more important than completing the project for her – and in time for her 3rd Birthday! Deana even managed to add her own personal touch by painting Emily's name and birth-date inside the little heart on the tree trunk.

Deana was very pleased with the help she received from My Wonderful Walls. According to Deana, the, "responses from Stephanie have been great." Overall, Deana was proud of the room she had created for her little girl, and to My Wonderful Walls she says, "Thanks for making a great solution to plain, boring walls."

We are so blessed to get to be a part of creating wonderful spaces for equally wonderful families, and we wish all the best to Josh, Deana, and Emily in the months and years to come. Thank you for sharing your story with us!

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