5 Ideas For Spreading Color, Cheer & Beauty In Your Community

by Stephanie Goins on April 18, 2012


At the end of winter every year, Spring faithfully appears, bringing with it beauty, color, and a renewed sense of energy. Spring is nature's way of starting over, bringing new life to the world, by 'springing' up flowers, trees budding, the chirping of birds and most importantly, sunshine that we all long for during the gray winter.  Amazingly, however, mother nature is not the only one who can spread color, cheer and beauty throughout your community – you can too.  By simply planting some flowers, painting a mural, sprucing up the local playground, redecorating a wing of the library or just cleaning up your community, you can really make a difference.

1. Plant Flowers
In almost every community across the world, there is one little spot, whether it be a park or just a little sitting area in the center of town, where people come to relax and reflect on their lives.  This is the perfect spot for you to donate your time and plant some flowers.  Not only will you be assisting Mother Nature in her springtime festivities, but you will be brightening up your town and spreading cheer throughout the community.  Ask your local florist or garden center for ideas on what will grow well in your community and have an eye-catching appeal, because it's time to stop and 'plant' the roses.


DIY Wall Mural

2. Paint A Mural In A Community Space
Not every town council is going to allow you to paint a mural on a wall somewhere, but think about talking to the director of your town's hospital. There is nothing more depressing than being in the hospital, except being a kid in the hospital.  As many parents have likely experienced what the

inside of the children's ward of a hospital looks like – white, sterile, sad – why not volunteer your time and a few buckets of paint to add some color and brighten up a sick child's day.  My Wonderful Walls offers themed wall mural stencil kits, paint kits, paint brushes and color guides to help you complete the project with ease. Any of our wall murals are ideal for community centers, day cares, church nurseries and other public places where children come, encouraging imaginative learning and play!

3. Clean Up The Playground
Many communities across the world have a playground designed to give children a place to play and grow while interacting with their peers.  Unfortunately, many of these playgrounds have been built quite some time ago and are a little rundown, and in some cases, unsafe for the kids to play on.  Get together with some friends and volunteer to clean up the playground area, maybe add a fresh coat of paint to the swings, replace the ladder to the slide, or freshen up the mulch and mow the grass.  The kids will truly love a cleaner, safer place to play!

Wall Mural for Library4. Redecorate The Library
Most libraries have an area that is a designated Children's Section, which is often decorated with characters and colors. However, as with many playgrounds, these rooms are often outdated and rundown.  Consider freshening up the space with a wall sticker kit or painting with a wall mural stencil kit. Both are available in a wide variety of themes including: jungle safari, farm theme, flower garden theme, forest theme, ocean theme and more.

 5. Community Clean-Up
There is nothing more appropriate during the spring that simply cleaning up.  Gather together your close friends, or church group and go around your community gathering up trash – which you can recycle.  Together, all these tips can freshen up your community, bringing that springtime freshness and cheer everyone is looking for.

So... what will you do?