Nooks and Crannies - How to decorate the little spaces in your home

by Stephanie Goins on April 29, 2012

Decorating Tips for Small SpacesYou might think that the tiny little entry way or itty-bitty kitchen nook in your home are spots just too small to decorate. It might seem impossible to do anything decorative with the little space in your home the realtor referred to as the ‘dining room’, even though it is way beyond too-small for your dining room table. Perhaps you are even looking to convert that large hall closet into a new tiny office.

Whatever the nook or cranny in your house, there are many unique and creative ways to decorate that will not only make them nicer to look at but seem bigger too.

  • Use Furniture Wisely - When dealing with a tiny room it is important decorate in a way that helps the room to feel larger than it really is and with a small room this can be quite the challenge. The most important thing to remember is to not overwhelm the room with large and bulky furniture or have too many decorative items. For example, instead of having one large bookshelf, use a small two shelf option. Or better yet, try a credenza. A credenza will not only add a stylish flair to your nook or cranny, but it will also provide hidden storage; which can go a long way in a small space.
  • Go for Bold Colors - If you have a tiny room, nook, or entry way use bold and bright accents that you wouldn’t normally use in a larger room. Let your decorative imagination go wild. Always wanted a neon green wall? In a small space you can totally get away with it.
  • Everything Should Have a Purpose - Use the space that you have wisely. This means that everything in your small space should serve a purpose or be collapsible for storage when not in use. For example, if you are looking to convert that nook into an office space, consider a computer tray instead of a full sized desk. There are also many organizational systems that can be functional as well as good looking.
  • Rugs - Getting a small area rug is a trick that many home designers use to make a space look larger than it actually is. With a simple accent rug you can totally change the way a room feels. Use bright colors to further enhance the feeling of spaciousness.
  • Wall Space Storage - Use the wall space. There are many cool and functional wall shelves that can be easily installed on to practically any wall. These shelves come in all different sizes, colors, and materials. You can use them for books, decoration, or any other storage you might need.
  • Decals for Decoration - Add a wall decal. A smaller space actually means going big. Find a wall mural or even just a single beautiful wall sticker that will perfectly compliment the look you are going for (check out our wide selection here). They go on quickly, are easily removable and re-positionable, and are just darned cute to boot!

A small nook or cranny in your home doesn’t have to be a boring void of decoration. With some simple decorating techniques, a creative eye (and, of course, a cute product from My Wonderful Walls), you can create a beautiful, wonderful small space.