A Jungle Adventure Fit for Storybooks

by Stephanie Goins on May 03, 2012

Jungle Safari Vacation Room

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Sara. Sara and her family bought a beach condo in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. For many years, 9-year-old Sara has dreamed of having a room that was nothing short of a complete safari jungle. However, her mom, Louise and dad, Grier, have yet to complete that project in their home for her. However, at the condo, her parents decided to allow her to go on an adventure and choose the theme of her vacation bedroom.

Of course, Sara chose the jungle safari theme of her dreams, and although Louise first tried to talk Sara into something else, she quickly changed her mind and they proceeded with the jungle theme. Louise set out on her own adventure - online - to find something a little more grown up than typical jungle themes.

While walking through the jungle that is the world-wide-web, Louise tripped upon My Wonderful Walls through Etsy. There, she found exactly what she was looking for - The Wild Jungle Safari Wall Sticker Kit. Louise chose the wall stickers over the jungle wall stencils because once Sara changes her mind, it will be easy to replace.

Jungle Safari Wall Sticker KitAs an individual with a self-proclaimed level of zero artistic ability, it only took Louise approximately 30 minutes to complete Sara's jungle-rrific escape. To make sure that she was able to thoughtfully place each sticker in order to completed one unified scene, Louise chose to leave the stickers in one room, and bring only one at a time into Sara's room. In fact, aside from possibly needing a hand with the larger trees, although not required, Louise was able to quickly place all the stickers herself. She was thrilled

Because this project was completed in a separate location - the beach condo - Louise was able to keep it a surprise for Sara, except for a few 'sneak- peek' pictures she had taken of the room. Through it all, One part that Louise kept a complete secret was the personalized sign post with the little girl’s name on it. She felt that this added a unique individuality to the room that she wanted to save for the in-person reveal.

When Louise was done, she was delighted with the finished product. She decided to send an email to My Wonderful Walls to make sure that ensure that Sara's name was spelled without an 'h' on the special sign post. She found that the staff was helpful and kind during her communication with them, which only added to her delight in how well the project came together in the end.

Once the jungle escape was completed, the little girl was brought to the condo. As she stepped into her jungle safari room, Sara was thrilled! Now she had a place just for her! Now everyone that comes to visit them at the condo thinks that Sara's room is the best of all. Now the little girl can play all day in her special Jungle room, and live happily every after.

The end.