Finland Mother Takes Boys Room Back In Time

by Stephanie Goins on May 23, 2012

Dino Days Wall Mural Stencil KitSevastjan, who is 4 years old, and Avgustin, his 1 year old little brother, live in Finland. Their mother, Ksenia, transformed their new bedroom into a land before time full of Dinosaurs, using the Dinosaur Days Wall Mural Stencil Kit she purchased from My Wonderful Walls.

The family recently purchased a new home, which had actually been built in the 1950's and required a lot of work. In fact, the space that was to become the boys' room was originally a hallway, toilet and a kitchen. After much work to remodel and create an actual bedroom, Ksenia had a clean slate for decorating Sevastjan and Avgustin's room.

 After searching the Internet for dinosaur-themed rooms, Ksenia landed on the My Wonderful Walls web site and was thrilled about the quality of the products we offer. Additionally, she found that the dinosaurs were somewhat fairytale-like, but still fit the bill for her rambunctious boys.

 Ksenia, who considers herself fairly artistic, as she loves to draw, found this project quite fun and simple. In fact, she used paint paste to mix the colors herself. After the colors were mixed and Ksenia had her plan for the dinosaur wall stencils, it took her about one week to paint all of the dinosaurs, trees, clouds, volcanoes, and more.

 During the course of the project, she found that the wall stencils stuck to the walls very well, making the process easy. She was particularly pleased with the ability to use the stencils several times, and they still maintained their 'stick' and overall integrity, producing amazing results every time!

 To personalize the boys' room a little more, Ksenia added an 'S' for Sevastjan and an 'A' for Avgustin, not to mention their own personal little bug army, which is Ksenia's favorite! Her husband really likes the T-Rex dinosaur and Sevastjan talks a lot about the meteorites, which according to one scientific theory, was the end to the dinosaurs!

 Once the room was completed, Sevastjan opened the door, stopped in his tracks, and with mouth open wide and eyes wide in surprise, he began smiling! After continued thanks to his mother, Ksenia, he had to go around the room and check out each and every dinosaur!

 For others wishing to begin a project using the various stencil kits My Wonderful Walls offers, Ksenia recommends that you think about the overall look you are hoping to achieve prior to the start of painting. She says, from there, you can find a balance with all the different parts (stencils), creating one spectacular mural! Ksenia says that their new home is their hobby for the end of the days, and this room for her two young sons, really takes them back in time!

Thank your for allowing us into your home and sharing your story with us!

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