4 Fun Ideas to Make This Memorial Day Memorable

by Stephanie Goins on May 27, 2012

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a symbol of many significant moments for people all across our proud nation. From remembrance ceremonies to road trips and family get-togethers, Memorial Day has us moving in a variety of directions. This year, it’s time to try out something new when it comes to this well-loved holiday. Whether you are stuck in a traditional celebration rut or haven’t ever attempted to make Memorial Day memorable, here are a few tips for making the most of this special holiday.

Throw a painting party
Just because you have the day off doesn’t mean you can’t get anything done. What’s more, you can even accomplish a productive project with the added bonus of having fun with your closest friends. Use your time off to host a party where your loved ones help you paint that room or wall that’s been waiting for attention all year. Having your favorite colors ready to go alongside some well-deserved holiday snacks makes any painting party an event worth coming to. To give your party a personalized touch, provide a blank canvas where friends can use extra paint to leave a little artistic love in their wake. It’s a great way to revitalize a room and create a one-of-a-kind work of art that will remind you of the friends you cherish.

Have a cupcake picnic
Most everyone has attended a Memorial Day picnic at one point or another, but why not give this year’s outdoor meal a sweet twist?  Fill a picnic basket with red, white, and blue cupcakes and head outside to enjoy a tasty treat in the sunshine. Children will love the time spent decorating their yummy snacks and the entire family will appreciate a day where they were given a free pass to eat dessert first.

Take time to remember
Between parades, fireworks, travel, and fleeting time, Memorial Day can often pass us by too quickly to remember what it’s all really about. This Memorial Day, make a little time to pull out the family albums and remember those in your family who have served in the armed forces or just need to be loved in memory. Time spent in reflection can offer your younger family members a glimpse into a history they may not know about. It can also help older children and parents reconnect with important family roots.  Additionally, it’s a great opportunity to discuss the many blessings your family has been given!

Pay tribute to the red, white, and blue
Adorning the outside of your home with simple red, white. and blue paper lantern lights is a unique and illuminating way to pay tribute to this important national holiday. A nighttime toast to a successful Memorial Day celebration by the light of these lanterns is a great way to bring your holiday to a close. Invite friends and neighbors to join you and make the most of the day’s end.  Adding a drop of blue food color to your champagne toast could also add a patriotic twist to an already memorable holiday.