Furniture Overhaul: Making Finishing Touches With Fabric

by Stephanie Goins on June 19, 2012

Summer Inspiration for Furniture OverhaulSummer is here, and the changing of seasons tends to bring with it a new outlook on your home’s winter wear. Suddenly, that dull, over-stuffed chair doesn’t seem to mesh well with the warm, sunny days around the corner. Those dark curtains that kept out the December cold are blocking out the July rays that are fighting for a place in your living room. Summer is the time to brighten up your home and freshen up your furniture. Here are a few tips that show how a little bit of fabric is all it takes to make big changes in your home décor.

Re-cover your chair seats
It doesn’t take much fabric to give your dining room chair set a whole new look. All you’ll need is a stapler and a piece of your favorite, colorful fabric to bring your kitchen up to seasonal speed. Simply wrap the fabric around the chair pad and staple it securely underneath. Use colors that contrast with your chair’s finish to make the fabric really stand out!

Amping up your ottoman
Give your living room a colorful kick by recovering your ottoman in a bold and bright hue. Use staples on the underside of the ottoman to hold the fabric of your choice firmly in place. Feel free to accent your splash of colored fabric with a matching lamp, photo frame, or vase to draw even more attention to your funky, new style.

Hide the mess with colorful strategies
With more free time than ever in the summer, the kids are sure to fill the house with more toys, games, and gadgets than you may be able to keep up with. Hanging a simple piece of colorful fabric in front of toy shelves or toy bins is a great way to hide the mess while adding a vibrant touch of color to your home.

Catchy curtain colors
It’s time to take down those winter curtains and fill your home with sunlight! A fantastic use of fabric swatches is to hang them diagonally across a curtain rod as colorful toppers. Not only do fabric swatches let the light in, but they can be placed in intriguing combinations of colors and patterns to fit your mood, taste, and style. Mix and match sizes for an eye-catching curtain window treatment or stick with uniformly sized swatches for a more geometric approach.

Pause for pillow repair
When it comes to brightening up a couch, sometimes all it takes it a well-placed pillow to make a huge difference. Instead of spending money on new pillows, though, use fabric scraps to recover or recreate the pillows you already have. Covering an old pillow gives your accent piece an entirely new look for a fraction of the cost. You can also use small scraps a variety of colors to create patterns that could be hot-glued onto pillow fronts. This could give your couch a new lease on its summer life and save you time and energy all at the same time.