Customer Spotlight: Forest Room Redo in Beaufort, SC

by Stephanie Goins on July 03, 2012

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Kristen and Chris of Beaufort, South Carolina, feel most at home in the natural world. Surrounded by beautiful scenery in their southern domestic haven, both Kristen and Chris have made it their life’s work to invest in the outdoors. As a professional naturalist and charter-fishing captain, this couple was destined to design with a world of wild animals in mind!

Not only are they excited about the beauty of the world around them, but the duo is also expecting a little boy named Fischer on the 16th of June. With a lot of anticipation on their horizon, the couple set out to find just the right design to add to Fischer’s new nursery.

A search on led them to My Wonderful Walls, and when they came across the Forest Friends wall stickers, it was love at first sight. Not big on cartoonish designs, Kristen was thrilled to find that our Forest Friends images are not only a little more realistic, but they are also relevant to their Carolina surroundings as well. When little Fischer wakes up to his forest mural every day, he will be sharing space with furry friends that can also be found right in the backyard! It’s a great opportunity to give Fischer a jumpstart on his nature education right from the start.

Not believing they could keep up with Da Vinci when it came to artistic innovation, Kristen and Chris opted for the wall stickers rather than the forest wall stencils. Additionally, wall stickers gave them the freedom to redesign and reposition their work as they wanted. We were happy to hear that the couple really loved our sticker’s unique texturing which gives the impression of handmade paper.

Following in the footsteps of the wilderness around them, Kristen and Chris decided to let the room and their sticker decorating come together naturally. They took their time and put up images when they had a moment to enjoy it. Little by little, the room, wall stickers, and added decorations came together to create a final product that the couple is proud to call their own!

We love nothing more than when customers come up with fun and unique ways to use our designs to bring a personalized feel to precious spaces; Kristen and Chris did just that by taking images of their favorite wall stickers and using a publishing program at home to add background colors and text. The result is a storybook-like page that they then placed in frames on the walls of the nursery. Not only are we impressed by the results, but we think Fischer is going to love the added touches as well.

With Forest Friends Mural now firmly in place on Fischer’s walls, Kristen and Chris’s baby boy is destined to follow in the footsteps of his parents as a lover of nature. Thank you, Kristen and Chris, for sharing your beautiful forest room and story with us! We wish you all many happy and wild outdoor adventures to come!

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