Customer Spotlight: Jack's Dinosaur Wall Stickers

by Stephanie Goins on November 05, 2012

dinosaur wall stickers

Little boys have long been fascinated with the world of dinosaurs in all their gigantic and “roar-tastic” splendor. From flying Pterodactyls to the menacing T-Rex, boys are notoriously devoted to these creatures of long-ago.

At My Wonderful Walls, we love when parents step up the plate and really hone in on what their kids love when it comes to redecorating their room! Katie from Ohio knows what it takes to make her 3-year-old son’s room shine. In the name of dinosaurs and all prehistoric creatures, Katie was able to transform her little boy’s room from baby mess into a big kid’s haven. Where vinyl monkey stickers and a combination of colors once resided, Katie introduced a variety of colorful dinosaur wall stickers to decorate Jack’s walls on a hand painted background. Gone are the days of mish-mashed decorating efforts—Jack’s room is a place where dinosaurs still roam the earth, or at least a small part of Ohio. Here’s what Katie (K) had to say about her decorating adventure with My Wonderful Walls (MWW).

MWW: Tell us a little about why you chose the dinosaur theme.

K: Jack is OBSESSED with dinosaurs. He knows more than I do about them. He can rattle off a dinosaur that begins with every letter of the alphabet.

MWW: How is this dinosaur wall mural a good fit for his and your personalities and interests?

K: His former nursery was a sort of mish-mash effort because he was born premature, and we didn’t know if he was going to be a boy or a girl. We threw a couple of vinyl monkey stickers on the walls and called it a day. I wanted to make it up to him with his first “big boy” room. There was no doubt it would be dinosaurs. I Googled “dinosaur wall murals” and saw a lot of options. I wanted something that wasn’t scary, wasn’t babyish, and didn’t look like a sticker. When I saw yours, I knew I had to have them!

MWW: What was Jack’s reaction to the dinosaur wall mural when he first saw it?

K: I put up one sticker before we started painting, mostly because I wanted to see one on the wall. I showed Jack the purple dinosaur, and he must have asked fifty times after that, “Are there more dinosaurs in my room? How many are up now? Mom, when will the other dinosaurs get here?”

MWW: Did Jack ever make up stories involving the dinosaurs on his wall?

K: No, but I did! My husband thought I was crazy. I put two little Brontosaurus up and said, “Look, one is meeting the other on top of the hill.” I think he thought I had been inhaling paint fumes a little too long. I pretty much had a strategy/story for each one.

MWW: What did you like about putting up the wall stickers?

K: It was so easy! I love the material, the removability, and the “crackling” on your product.

We’re thrilled that Katie and Jack found the dinosaur delights they were searching for with these dinosaur wall stickers. We wish them all the best in their many adventures ahead!