Giving Your Closet a Quick and Cute Make Over

by Stephanie Goins on August 09, 2012

Closet MakeoverOur closets contain our daily essential items—everything from clothes to purses to a few things we probably even forgot we owned at all. While our closets hold many belongings that are precious to us, they also have a tendency to collect a lot of unnecessary baggage over time. In far too many cases, a closet might even become a space worthy of being hidden when company comes to town. Because we believe that it doesn’t take much to make a space so much more, we wanted to share the idea of giving your closet a quick and cute make over to all of our followers. It’s no secret that we love adding stencils and stickers to bedrooms and living room walls, so why not include closets in our ranks?

Closets are a great space to get creative, and adding just a few decorative touches with a stencil or sticker can change the entire feel of your wardrobe’s keeper! Here are a few ways a simple sticker or stencil project can spruce up your closet and give it the attention and appeal it deserves.

Easy organization
Instead of overwhelming chaos when you open your closet door, some simple stenciling can transform your closet into a haven of ease. Use colorful stencils to mark your closet off into wardrobe sections such as “Dresses,” “Shirts,” etc., or cute symbols to represent the clothes you love! Not only will this help you keep your space divided, but it might also keep you from placing things where they can’t be seen…and then forgetting about them for years to come. Making room for a stenciling project will also give you the opportunity to evaluate what you have in your closet now and weed out those things that are getting in the way of your creativity!

Think in themes
It’s not impossible to kick your closet up a notch by adding a stencil or sticker motif that brings a theme to the space. Consider creating a jungle scene in your child’s closet as a way to inspire fun when it comes time to pick out school clothes. Tell stories as you browse of outfits, and encourage children to keep their closet neat in an effort to keep their fantastic closet walls visible for hours of fun! For the adults, a vintage stencil or sticker pattern can bring a sophisticated feel into the smallest space and bring new excitement to a once simple home space.

Make an entrance
The logistical layout of a closet means the space tends to fade into the wall or background. While this works if you’re trying to hide it, a great closet should also have a great and vibrant entrance. Stencils and stickers are an easy way to highlight this important home feature, and can change the feel of an entire room. This floral border is a great example of how a small stencil detail can mean big change for your home and closet!