Grandma Creates Stunning Farm-Theme Room for Her Grandchildren

by Stephanie Goins on June 18, 2012

farm theme wall mural

With new twin grandbabies, Jill wanted to create a room for her older grandson, Balin, that would be perfect for either a boy or girl and would be a fun, welcoming space for Balin. She decided on a farm scene because, as she says, “Everyone likes farm animals!”

After running a regular Internet search for farm animal stencils, Jill came upon a wonderful surprise—My Wonderful Walls! Here she found the Friendly Farm stencil kit and immediately knew this was the design tool for her.

The stencil kit gave her the flexibility of choosing the colors that she wanted and painting the designs how she envisioned them—even adding little bits of whimsy and scenery with several shades of grass, a sparkle of sunlight on the sunflowers and corn with gold glitter paint, and a happy pig nestled in his own mud puddle.

Even though she had never used sticky wall stencils before, Jill dove in to creating the wall mural for Balin. She doesn’t consider herself an artist by any means, but she loves doing projects in and out of her house and with the guidance from My Wonderful Walls she knew that she’d be able to use the stencil kit effectively.

Jill really appreciated that the foam brushes were included in the stencil set so she didn’t have to question what tools would be right to use. The sticky stencils were a different experience than she had ever had creating a wall mural.

It just so happened that her husband was creating a wall mural in another room using a different company’s products. These stencils were not sticky and he had to tape down every one as he put them on the walls—not only was this much more time consuming, but it made repositioning the stencils if he changed his mind about the original layout difficult. We are happy to report that the My Wonderful Walls stencil kit stood up to the rigors of multiple placements like a champ!

Because Balin was still just a bit too small to help her create his wall mural, Jill made the process special by playing a game every time he came to visit. She would bring him into his room and let him explore, then asked him what was new. He would investigate his growing farm until he picked out the new features and made friends with his new animals!

Balin even got to choose the animal that he wanted tucked between the beds in his very own barn-themed bunk bed—and he chose sheep! Jill thought it would be perfect to create sheep jumping over a fence so he would have them to talk to –and maybe to count!—while he was falling asleep.

Jill is happy she chose a wall stencils rather than wall stickers because it would give her the most control over how the project turned out, and would even let her use the stencils over and over again if she decided her Friendly Farm needed some more friends.

Congrats on an awesome room, Jill! We know it will keep your precious grandbabies happy and entertained for many years to come!

tractor stencil

sheep stencil

rooster stencil

pig chicken stencil

farm stencils