Warm up Your Home with Spring Decorating Touches

by Stephanie Goins on January 25, 2013

With winter here, you may be racking your brain for certain ways to warm up your home. Keep those cool days at bay by adding a little bit of a spring touch to your home décor. Spring is the season of color, vibrant new beginnings and sweet songs. Taking a cue from a little spring inspiration can go a long way towards turning a winter home into a house full of light! Keep friends and family upbeat through those long winter days by spicing up your interior springtime decor and incorporating birds, flowers and of course, a little bit of love into your artistic touches! Here are a few great My Wonderful Walls ideas for keeping spring alive all winter long.

flowering tree wall sticker decalAdd a Spring Love Tree Wall Mural Sticker Kit
The girls in your house will surely love this pastel-based tree mural that plays host to a blossoming flower creation, and two lovebirds as well! Perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, play nooks or any wall space in between, the Spring Love Tree mural is a great way to give your home a spring kick during any season. Easily applied in 30-40 minutes, this mural not only works seamlessly on your wall, it can be removed and moved until your heart’s content. The stunning and intricate design will impress kids and adults alike as it brightens up your home and hopefully, your winter mood as well.

Add a 3-D effect for a springtime sensation
Decorating your home for springtime fashion in the middle of winter sometimes demands a little dimension. Take your spring décor to the next level by adding a few 3-D birds to your walls as well. Simple to make, or easily purchased, these winged friends bring an edgy touch to a soft spring look. Watch your walls come to life as these feathered features take center stage in your home.

Spring up your decorative screen
Luckily for homeowners everywhere, spring-themed décor isn’t reserved for the living room alone. Instead, those with an artistic edge should feel free to use the theme throughout the entirety of their house. This includes bedrooms and all of those often overlooked accessories. We think partition screens have a lot of potential, and adding springtime wall stickers to a screen could be just the seasonal touch you were looking for. If you feel the need for a challenge, try painting a scene by hand and see where your imagination takes you!

Spring into action and take on the headboard
If you’re thinking of giving a child’s room a spring touch, the headboard could be the place to start. Simple flower designs painted directly on the headboard give a worn bed a whole new look. Similarly, you might even want to try using the picture itself as the headboard painted directly on the wall. Whatever direction you decide to go, you can rest easily knowing you’ve left a loving, personalized touch on your child’s room.