5 Fun and Realistic New Year’s Resolutions

by Stephanie Goins on January 01, 2013

The champagne is flat, the ball has dropped, and Dick Clark is no longer with us: it is already 2013 whether we are ready for it or not. If you were ambitious enough to make New Year’s Resolutions, you may already be regretting them by this point. Losing weight, paying off bills, spending less time on the internet: you’re most likely violating the last one as you read this! Why do you think they drop a ball in Time’s Square every year? It most likely symbolizes people dropping the ball on their commitments to their resolutions! All kidding aside, why set yourself up for failure when you can make resolutions that stick?

1. Don’t Like It? Don’t Do It!
Is there a regular task that you dread more than scrubbing toilets? What would happen if you stopped doing it? Would the earth cease to spin on its axis? Granted, there are always going to be a list of things that we absolutely must do, but maybe it is possible to take that list and trim off the excess. Maybe swap household chores with your partner or roommate, make one less visit to the in-laws per month, or say no once in a while when people ask you favors that dig into your personal time.

2. Spoil Yourself
We often feel guilty when we spoil ourselves. We treat ourselves to massages and spend the entire time tense and unable to enjoy them because we feel guilty for the cost. But as long as it isn’t excessive, spoiling ourselves can be healthy. If you know you’ve been particularly “good” or have accomplished a certain goal, put a date on the calendar to treat yourself and make a resolution to actually enjoy it.

3. Be Naughty
Instead of making a resolution to do less of something “naughty,” make a resolution to just give in once in a while. Chances are you’ll find that you do whatever it is less often in the long run.  For example, maybe you enjoy eating a pint of ice cream with potato chips sprinkled on top. Setting aside a day or two in advance to indulge could spare you the temptation to cave in at the last minute.

4. Pay it Forward
Giving to charity is a popular resolution. How about making a charity case out of the average Joe on occasion? You may be surprised how good it makes you feel to pay a few bucks for the guy’s order in the drive-through behind you, just because they let you sneak in line ahead of them.

5. Clean Out Your “Friend” List
Facebook “friends” – who needs them? You know who I’m talking about: the ones who have nothing but negative to say and feel the need to spread misery on a regular basis. Are they really a friend or can you do without their drama? Try the “unfriend” button. You’ll feel fantastic and 2013 will thank you for it. You could also try swapping out those people whose posts you never enjoy reading for a blogger or celebrity that you enjoy reading about.