Cool Space Room for Stellar Customer

by Stephanie Goins on February 25, 2013

space room

We love when our clients take times from their busy schedules to share their experiences using our products. Recently, Sara from Houston, Texas, told us about her experiences painting a space themed room for her seven-year-old son, Noah.

Sara purchased the Space Stencil Kit because her son is “obsessed” with Star Wars, but she didn’t like the Star Wars themed things that are available in stores. When she saw this, it was a perfect compromise for the two of them. She liked that there wasn’t anything “creepy” with the stenciling kit (such as light sabers and scary creatures). Even the little alien in the kit is smiling, so the room has a wholesome and sweet appeal as opposed to scary or mean. When Noah first saw his finished masterpiece, he “tipped over, grinning.” We love when parents enjoy the finished product, but when the children who will be in the room most love it, it makes us extremely proud.

When asked why she chose space wall stencils over space wall stickers, she said that it was mostly due to the fact that her walls are textured and her kids, like most, have a tendency to pick at things that are not permanently painted on the walls. Since she was in her last trimester of pregnancy, she didn't break any records for getting this project completed quickly. However, she insisted that it was very easy to do. She is artistic and creative in the fact that she can get visions of things that she’d like to do but could never have done this on her own, without the kit.

When asked what she enjoyed most about the project, Sara says that it was so much fun and she’s received tons of compliments. In fact, when discussing whether her children helped and if they liked the process, Sara joked that they helped by walking in the dark navy blue paint and then tracking it all over the white carpet. Able to laugh at the matter, she said this gave lasting memories. A personal touch that was purposely added, however, was her son’s name to the flag on the moon. This scene was her favorite.

Sara has some great advice for others as well. She said she used the tall acrylic bottles of paint from Wal-Mart and found out later (the hard way) that those bottles are more diluted than the small bottles that cost as much or more than the big ones. Using the tall bottles of acrylic paint, she had to apply over 8-10 coats because the dark background was showing through. She recommends buying the acrylic paint from My Wonderful Walls OR getting the small bottles that do cost more (per ounce) than the big bottles.

In the end, Sara boosted our egos by applauding our customer service. She had to call with a question and the man who answered was a family guy with kids in the background, making her realize that we are really a down to earth "mom and pop shop.” Thanks Sara!