Bugs and Biplanes: Two Adorable Bedrooms from Down Under!

by Stephanie Goins on February 25, 2013

wall mural kids room

David and Carolyn from Thornton, NSW, Australia were kind enough to share their experiences painting their children’s rooms from all the way “down under.” Their daughter, Felicity (2-years-old), now has an adorable Bugs and Blossoms themed room. Their 10-week-old son, Nicholas, now has a transportation themed room with motorcycles, spaceships, and more.

Since David drives trucks for a living, the couple chose the transportation theme for their son because they thought it was “cool” and it was very suited to a boys room. Felicity’s bugs and blossoms theme was chosen simply because they loved it. Although Nicholas was obviously too young to comment on his new room, Felicity declared, “Wow…pretty” as soon as she walked into her room for the first time after completion. Coming from a 2-year-old, this was quite a complement! In fact, when lying in bed and winding down for the night, she waves and blows kisses to all of the creatures on her beautiful walls.

For both bedrooms, the Moores chose wall stencils instead of wall stickers due to the flexibility that the stencils provide. They were able to use each stencil multiple times if they wanted, wherever they wanted, and in whatever colors they wanted. Also, the stenciling process was more appealing to them since it made the children’s bedrooms more personal. The extra effort it took to paint the walls instead of applying stickers was well worth it for this reason.

After initially stumbling on My Wonderful Walls through an Internet search, they painted their daughter’s room first and then returned when they wanted to create something special for their son’s room. Per room, the entire process took the Moores between two and three days from start to finish. When asked about their artistic comfort levels they said that they felt rather comfortable and confident throughout the process, both times. They said that there is nothing that they would change about the decorating process. The quality of the stencils was to their liking, as well as the helpfulness and friendliness of the staff here. This makes us proud!

Like most of our customers, the Moores added some special personal touches to their walls to make them more unique. For example, for their son’s room they were able to create a lake for the boat and also place stars on the train and spaceship. It is these personal touches that our customers enjoy about stenciling. You can also choose to purchase your stencil paints directly through the kits supplied by My Wonderful Walls, or go to your local hobby store to choose different colors. When asked to choose a favorite stencil or scene, it was difficult. David liked the transportation theme best, while his wife favored the bugs theme for their daughter’s room. Their children will most likely enjoy their rooms for many years, just as much as their parents do now. Their only advice for other clients is to have fun with it and be creative as you dare!

Thanks, David and Carolyn, for sharing your home and story with us!

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