Tech Minded Couple Creates Splendid Garden Room for Baby Ava

by Tara Woodbury on April 12, 2013

Large Tree Wall Sticker

My Wonderful Walls takes pride in offering unique wall décor produced right here in Tennessee. And when our customers tell us they love our original designs for wall mural stencils and wall stickers; we know we’ve got something wonderful going on. A few years back, parents Dan and Ange who hail from Lone Tree, Colorado came to My Wonderful Walls looking for wall décor for their baby to be with a wholesome, happy theme.  Not knowing the sex of their baby they originally sought out a more gender neutral theme but once they found out they were having a daughter the couple saw their nursery project leaning toward the feminine. According to Ange, “So many themes these days encourage poor self-image and consumption of sweet foods.  We love that it (Splendid Garden Wall Stencil Kit) isn't corporately branded - just beautiful, happy and magical.” 

Both Dan & Ange work in the tech industry and while Ange says her artistic talent is probably a 4 on a scale of 1 to 10, they found the stencils allowed them to translate their vision into a stunning reality for their baby nursery.  Since Ange was pregnant with their daughter, Dan painted the background and remodeled the closet while she cut the lines in the background and painted in the elements of the mural. They were able to use the photos on our website for inspiration and guidance. Ange says the biggest challenge they faced was that their walls were knockdown texture making stenciling a little more difficult.  The pair found success using clear caulk on the stencils before painting the area within them.  After removing the stencils and allowing the art to dry, Ange retouched the edges for a super crisp look.  Another finishing touch the couple added was some acrylic clear glitter paint to the trees and flowers and gave the peacock, frog and other birds rhinestone eyes for added dimension. They also painted the ceiling a sky blue color and Ange’s only regret is that they didn’t paint in clouds on the ceiling before they did the walls (Psst! Have you seen our cloud stickers, guys?). Welcoming baby Ava home into a gorgeous nursery created with love without the need for artistic training or talent was a happy experience for these parents. 

Ava, now almost two, is still using her Splendid Garden themed room and mom Ange says she just loves discovering and touching all the animals and different elements of the mural. They definitely see the potential for some pretend play centered around the different animals as Ava grows older.  Mom and dad shared that they loved the My Wonderful Walls experience and found the products were excellently constructed, assembled and even loved the background color recommendations. In fact, they love the room so much, they are considering moving Ava to a new room when she’s older and keeping this room as is for a guest room. We think that is pretty wonderful!

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Splendid Garden Themed Room