Outer Space Wall Stencils + Mom’s Love Make One Great Room

by Tara Woodbury on April 29, 2013

Space Themed Room 

When Miguel, 6, looked at our site with mom Maria he was initially drawn to the Ocean Themed Wall Murals but later changed his mind to a Space Themed Room. No wonder with all the fun planets, stars, rocket ships and astronauts; what child wouldn’t love a room like that? Maria was happy to oblige and knew she wanted to use our self-adhesive stencils to create his special room to get the best results. All told the mural project took her only 3 days and she was thrilled to show it off to the My Wonderful Walls blog audience. 

Maria chose stencils over fabric stickers as she felt they would look better on her son’s walls. She says that once she got started, though having never painted a mural like this before, it was easy to get comfortable with the process.  Maria enjoyed working on the space room and felt bad throwing away the stencils (don’t worry folks, they are reusable). Her favorite element? The craters. What was Miguel’s reaction to the room? He loved it! Maria plans to try to incorporate a few additional elements like Phineas and Ferb to the mural. 

What was Maria’s advice to any other customers wanting to paint a mural with our stencils? This NYC mom says less paint is good and try sticking four stencils on at a time and then rotating them. By the time you get to the fourth, the first one is dry and can be ready for a second coat. 

Maria reports that she loved working with My Wonderful Walls and plans on starting her daughter’s room next. We can’t wait to see the pictures. With the love of a mom and a little help from our easy to use wall stencils, we know the next room will be as wonderful as the first!

 Space Themed Boys Room