Single Dad Creates Splendid Wall Mural for His Daughter

by Tara Woodbury on June 13, 2013

Splendid Garden Room 

Many of our customers with daughters in that  7-10 years old range tell us their daughters have outgrown princess wall decor and are looking for something a little more “grown-up” and we love having wall stickers and stencils that meet their needs. And sometimes a parent is surprised at how different their vision and their child’s vision are for room décor. For example, when single father Marc planned on surprising Isabella, age 7, with a room decorated in a Disney Princess theme; he was aghast when Isabella innocently let on that she really didn’t like the princesses anymore with the exception of Ariel. Instead she was into peace signs, butterflies and flowers so Marc quickly went in search on the internet and found My Wonderful Walls. The Splendid Garden Wall Sticker Kit gave both what they wanted, flowers and butterflies for Isabella and the ability to create a wonderful mural for dad who says he can’t even draw a straight line. 

Because he was so thrilled with the wall stickers, Chicago dad and pediatric RN, Marc decided to let Isabella in on the surprise and she participated in creating the mural. Marc tells us that our wall stickers made it easy for seven year old Isabella to decide where to put a flower or animal exactly where she wanted it.  By the end of the day, she was surrounded by a garden that she and dad created together! The creatures really came to life for Isabella, Marc tells us, as she would say goodnight to the mouse or a frog each night for about the first month. Bedtime also got easier as this sweet garden mural helped Isabella feel safe and secure at night when it was time for lights out. Even though it’s been several months since they created Isabella’s Splendid Garden Room, they still both feel a lot of pride each time they walk in the room.

Marc says he chose the stickers over stencils as he liked the idea that they were mobile and if they ever move, he could recreate this “safe haven” in their new home.  It took about one day to paint the room and then only about an hour to place the stickers, something single dad Marc appreciated.  Marc suggests parents allow older kids to help with the mural creation as it will give them such an ego boost and since our stickers are easily repositionable, if they make a mistake, it’s easily fixed.

When asked about the My Wonderful Walls experience, Marc stated that he was thrilled he could get a multi-colored tree and that using our products made him feel like a hero for his little girl. This is a room that will surely grow with Isabella and give the two of them many more years of joy.


Flower Garden Girls Room


Blog post written by Tara