Do It Yourself Pallet Projects

by Tara Woodbury on July 16, 2013


Pallet Standing Garden

Photo Credit: Phoenix News Times

With the warm weather here (at least in the U.S.), many homeowners get busy with outdoor projects or renovations in the home. We’re all looking for those DIY projects that aren’t super difficult or expensive. Many of us turn to the internet for inspiration. One new trend showing up on Pinterest and other places lately is DIY pallet projects. If you have a limited budget for improving your yard and not a lot of time or skill with carpentry, there are some great things you can make with large wooden pallets like you see at the stores. Often you can get these for free but you might have to do a little hunting. Check Craigslist in your area under “Free” or ask some of the local stores if they might be willing to give you the pallets they no longer need. Factories that take in large pallets of materials might also be willing to give them to you. You’ll want to check that the pallets are in good shape, haven’t been left in the weather or exposed to termites or chemicals. Though part of the draw for the pallets is that they are cheap or free because they can be easily disposed of after a year or two if they don’t hold up, you’ll want to consider what you are using them for and whether you want to treat them. If you will be using them for an edible garden, make sure to look for heat treated pallets. (Read more about How to Determine if a Wood Pallet is Safe For Use on Instructables). Once you locate your pallets, the sky is the limit! Look at some of these projects we found online that could transform your backyard into an oasis: 

Create a DIY Pallet Walkway in the garden like Donna from Funky Junk Interiors:

Or how about this gorgeous DIY Pallet Planter from The Micro Gardener:

Pallet Planter


Or if you need to hide something unsightly in your backyard, how about a DIY Pallet Garden Wall? Jamie From Southern Revivals shows you how!

 Garden Wall


What do you think? Would wooden pallets be a welcome addition to your outdoor living space? Comment below and let us know if you’ve tried any of these pallet projects or something similar.


Blog post written by Tara