Classy Car Canvas Art Inspires Giant Wall Mural in Milwaukee

by Tara Woodbury on August 27, 2013

Car Wall Art

When our customers order wall décor from us we are very often in awe of the results when they share pictures of their finished rooms. This was definitely the case when Hana and Michal shared pics of their giant car wall mural painted for their firstborn son. In their case, a mistake in ordering actually inspired a work of art and a beautiful new baby room.

Hana and Michal wanted to create a large car wall mural for the son they were expecting. They wanted something that a boy would like as he grew up and something that would cover a whole wall. They ordered the Classy Car Canvas Wall Art from our transportation themed wall art line not realizing the size of the piece. When it wasn’t the size they expected, the parents to be decided to use it as a guide to free hand sketch the image on their nursery wall. They used pencil to sketch the image on the wall and then painted it in with regular wall paint in bright and primary colors. Though she wouldn’t call them artistic, Hana says the whole thing took about a day to do. She remarked, “we were surprised we actually did it”. They may add some stars and a plane at one point but for now the couple is pretty happy with the giant wall mural they created. We have to agree!

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Classy Car Canvas Wall ArtCar Wall Mural


Blog post written by Tara.