Colorful Wall Murals for Every Age at Early Childhood Center in Wisconsin

by Tara Woodbury on September 16, 2013
Farm Themed Wall Mural

You may not spend a lot of time focusing on what decorates the walls at your child’s daycare or school but studies show that bright, colorful environments foster learning and creativity. So when the folks at the St. John's Lutheran Early Childhood Center were developing their classroom they wanted colorful murals on the walls to meet the individual interests of each age group. A friend told them about My Wonderful Walls and the teachers and parents creating the murals immediately saw that wall stickers would be the way to go. The building for the new childcare center was finished in only six months and the classroom murals took about 3-4 days to complete. The folks at St. John’s feel very blessed to have such a large, caring congregation that could pull off something like this in so little time.


In choosing their mural themes, the team tried to choose themes that were age appropriate to the classrooms for both what the children are learning the most about as well as interested the most in.  The one year olds spend a lot of time learning about animals and really enjoy looking at different animals.  The two year olds really enjoy all things transportation and spent a lot of time during the construction period looking at all the trucks and things. The infants were given an Under the Sea Wall Mural to capture their interest. Ocean Themed Wall Mural


Stickers were chosen both because of the amount of murals they wanted to accomplish in a short time and because the walls are brick and the team wasn’t sure if the paint might bleed. They literally did everything in one week from the painting to applying the stickers, to moving all the furniture and toys over to the new classrooms. One tool they found helpful in planning the wall murals was the customer photo gallery found on My Wonderful Walls. The pictures from our other customers are often a great way to see what can be accomplished with your sticker kit and to help you plan placement. 


Not only did the group have fun decorating and creating the scenes in each classroom but they remarked on the high quality of the wall stickers saying they were much better than anticipated and how it is impossible to tell they are stickers unless you know or you look really close. Each parent who helped in the project was impressed at how many stickers were in the kit and how large they were especially compared to other company’s wall stickers. The group said it was great they could make this a “family project” and had each other to bounce ideas off of while decorating. The teachers decided not to let on to the kids that these were wall stickers so no curious little fingers would try to peel them off the walls. (Though you can peel our stickers off and re-apply with ease.)


When the rooms were revealed to the other parents and the children, on Monday, August 26th, everyone was in awe. From groundbreaking for the new center in February 2013 to the reveal only six months later, the progress was nothing short of remarkable. The folks at the St. John’s Congregation consider themselves and the students beyond blessed and say without God none of this would have been possible.   


Under the Sea Wall MuralTransportation Wall MuralTransportation Room


blog post written by Tara