Cat and Bird Stencils Complete the Purr-fect Cat Tower!

by Tara Woodbury on September 20, 2013
Cat Stencils for Kitty Condo

Here at My Wonderful Walls we get a lot of special requests and how-to questions from folks looking to create a unique wall mural. This time, we received a request from Sara who wanted to create a cat tower for her adopted kitty, Hap. Sara works at an animal shelter and has taken care of 3 cats including Hap in her home. Each has been a part of her family. Hap was a little err chubby when Sara adopted her, weighing in at 13 pounds and Sara worked very hard to get Hap down to a healthy weight of 10 lbs. She’s managed to keep the weight off for the last six months and Sara says she likes to joke that Hap is the “Biggest Loser, Feline Edition”. Sara was inspired to make a special place for her four legged child to hang out and wanted to celebrate the three kitties she has cared for by representing each of them on the tower. Several blogs gave her some good ideas on how to go about it and when Sara searched online for cat stencils, she found My Wonderful Walls. 

Sara didn’t like the typical crazy carpeted cat condos you see in pet stores so she set upon a search for something different. Then she found the Cuadro DIY Unfinished Tower on Whisker Studio. She decided she could paint this tower with bright colors and make it a cheerful place for Hap to enjoy the sun and people (or bird) watch out the windows. She found our stencils from the Paws Park Stencil Kit and was happy that she could buy just the pieces she wanted. Sara upgraded Cat Stencil 3 to have one of the cats be a tuxedo cat closer to one of her own cats, as she didn’t trust herself to create that detail freehand. In addition to the three cat stencils, Sara purchased a few flying birds, paw prints and fish bone stencils to complete her project.

Hap was a little anxious for her tower to be finished. Sara reports she was working on a layout of the stencil on one of the side boards at her dining room table.  The cat jumped on top of the table to offer some supervision and promptly began flopping around wanting some attention.  Sara took that to mean she liked the piece of furniture and wanted her to hurry up and get it done.Cat Pictures

Sara says before she started, she watched some of our how-to videos and checked out our customer gallery for inspiration. She also checked out several how-to blogs for ideas. She then played around with the virtual mural maker to figure out how she would place the stencils. All in all it took her 3 weekends to create the painted tower; one weekend to plan, one to paint the background color and one to paint the stencils and assemble the furniture. Since Hap likes to sleep in a cardboard box, Sara put one on the top shelf of the tower. She says she may decorate that one day as well to fit the piece. Not being super crafty, Sara says it was easy to work with the stencils and though she had a few questions, she called our company and got the answers she needed. She was even able to purchase the paint right from My Wonderful Walls making shopping a breeze!

The end result was one Sara feels very proud of overall. Hap could not be reached for comment on her experience but by the pictures Sara sent us, we think she likes her new cat tower. Sara, who likes to scuba dive, tells us she is planning a bathroom redo with the help of our Under the Sea Wall Mural Kit. Can't wait to see how Hap reacts to that giant octopus!

Cat TowerStenciled Wood Cat CondoDIY Painted Cat Tower
Blog post written by Tara