Scenic Vermont Inspires Farm Themed Kids Wall Mural

by Tara Woodbury on October 25, 2013
Farm Kids Room Mural

Let’s face it; choosing wall mural themes for your child’s room can be tough! There are so many options out there and with money usually a factor, you want something that will grow with your child.  Then once you decide on a theme, there’s painting versus wallpaper versus wall decals. There are a lot of decisions to be made before you even get to work! One family in Vermont had it easy when deciding what theme to use in their son Travis’ room upon moving to a new house. Then it was up to My Wonderful Walls to help them find the tools to make it a reality.

Stephanie and Andy, proud parents to Travis (now age 5) and William (age  1 ½) like to hike, visit farms and indulge in a good craft beer here and there up in the beautiful state of Vermont. Their son Travis has always seemed drawn to all things “farm” and mom says he would sing “Old McDonald” over and over again. So when the pair bought their new house, choosing a theme for Travis’ new room was a no-brainer. But Stephanie did not feel too comfortable painting a mural free hand and went to work searching on the internet for farm themed wall murals for kids. She found My Wonderful Walls on Etsy and decided right away that she would stick with wall stickers versus wall stencils as she felt she had very little artistic ability. “Usually when I try to be crafty, my projects come out looking like my kids did them not me,” Stephanie told us. But that’s just why the Goins family founded My Wonderful Walls – so everyone could create a kids room mural that looks like professionals painted it! You can choose between our large Friendly Farm Wall Sticker Kit, Farm Wall Stencils for making your own mural or Canvas Wall Art. There are even booster packs of stickers available if you just need a few or a few extra wall stickers!

The project took two days and all the while Stephanie and Andy were able to keep it a secret. They painted the top half of the walls blue for the sky and a green hilly knoll for the barn and animals to be placed on. Stephanie tells us she used the customer photos on our spotlight page to help her along with the mural. Once the room was complete and the family moved in to their new house, Travis was so excited he got to “sleep on the farm”. This helped mom and dad who had been trying to coax Travis out of their bed at night to sleep in his own room. “He couldn’t believe it was his room”, says mom.  Stephanie tells us her whole My Wonderful Walls experience was extremely positive and she couldn’t believe how great the room turned out. 

Now that two years have passed since the farm mural was created and Travis has a little brother, mom and dad delight in watching their oldest show off his farm and teach William animal sounds. Hopefully for mom and dad, Travis is still sleeping in his new farm room and William hasn’t taken over his spot in their bed! But if so, My Wonderful Walls is just a phone call away for William’s big boy room one day. 


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Blog post written by Tara