Beautiful Things Giveaway - Enter to Win 10 Gifts Worth $356 Total

by Tara Woodbury on October 10, 2016


We know this is a busy time of year for most folks; especially if you are a mom! So while you're getting the kids off to school or homeschooling each day, cooking dinner, going to work or working at home, take a little time out for you. We've gathered these handcrafted items to allow you to enjoy some quiet time and because we know you might be tempted to give some of these items away as holiday gifts, we're going to tell you to keep the best stuff for yourself. This is one time you get to be selfish! Take a look at what you'll win if you win the Beautiful Things Giveaway then jump down to the Rafflecopter form at the end to enter.

Helios Wall Decal

Helios Wall Decal
Art by Valentina Harper, Sticker design by Michael Goins at My Wonderful Walls
Value $63.99 

Michael and Stephanie Goins from My Wonderful Walls in TN offer families a unique solution to their room decorating needs with wall stencils, fabric decals and coordinating accessories. When Michael, a graphic designer painted a mural on their son’s bedroom wall he finally had an idea that Stephanie liked. They would create stencils to help parents who didn’t feel comfortable painting murals bring a little “wonderful” to their kids’ walls. The idea took off and the Goins soon started offering wall stickers, coloring decals and home accessories as well. When they aren’t designing wall décor or talking to customers on the phone, the Goins are busy raising two sons and enjoying scenic Chattanooga. 

This 38.5”w x 40.6” large intricate sun wall decal will look great in any room in the house! Featured artist, Valentina Harper penned this colorful Helios design and we have turned it into a high quality art decal perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, office spaces and dens. The special fabric used in our wall decals means it won’t mess up your walls when you move or remove it and it will be easy to reposition without tearing the sticker. The giveaway winner will receive the large size of this wall sticker or can choose the medium or small if desired. You can purchase this Helios Wall Decal online through My Wonderful Walls in three different sizes. If you order one today and you happen to be our lucky winner, we’ll refund the price of the wall sticker to you!

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Autumn Pinecone Ornament

Autumn Pinecone Tree Ornament
by Kristen Carrasco at Kikiverde
Value $25

Kristen opened her Etsy shop in 2012 after realizing that her passion for handmade craft had led her to create more things than she could possibly keep for herself or give away to friends and family. Art and design has been a love of Kristen's for as long as she can remember. In fact, her mom jokes that during the age of Velcro, she bribed Kristen into learning how to tie her shoes by telling her that she wouldn't be able to do crafts in Kindergarten if she didn't know how to tie. (She leaned that day.) Kristen's work is heavily influenced by the vibrant colors, textures, and patterns of nature and her shop is filled with joyful and inspired gift items like colorful jewelry, uplifting typographic quote art, and handcrafted ribbon pine cone ornaments.

The ribbon pine cone ornaments are adapted from a Victorian-era craft. Its predecessor was made with balls of tightly woven cloth or an old sock (long before the invention of Styrofoam in 1954) to which elegantly-colored fabrics were folded, arranged, and pinned to create the ornament. The technique was passed down from generation to generation. Taught to Kristen by her mother, the process takes about 2 hours to complete and is her favorite thing to make. The winner will receive one ribbon pine cone decoration in an abstract autumn leaves pattern with shades of orange, brown, rouge, and yellow and a goldenrod yellow accent ribbon. Your ornament can be displayed in a decorative bowl on your coffee table, hung from a mantel shelf hook, and during the holidays used as an ornament on your Christmas tree. Kristen hopes you enjoy your ornament as much as she enjoys the process of creating it.

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Decorative Tray

Decorative Serving Tray
by Marina Martinez at The Cozy Casita
Value $40 

Marina fell in love with Talavera tile at a young age, growing up in Southern California and travelling to Mexico. Talavera tile are hand painted and hand cut tiles popular in Mexico, Spain, Portugal, and there are similar versions in Morocco and Tunisia. Marina recognized them being used in homes across Southern California and something about the beautiful tiles spoke to her heart and artistic sensibility.

She began to create gifts for family and friends using these colorful tiles and soon realized people in other parts of the country may love them just as much! Her business soon took off and Marina considers it an honor that folks all over the country want to add these functional yet artistic pieces to their homes, combining a piece of history with a modern California flair. Whether defining a space, serving coffee or wine, corralling odds and ends, or enjoying breakfast in bed, the uses for these items are endless!  Marina can even make a custom design for you, just convo her. This beautiful decorative tile tray with bright blues, oranges and yellows is the perfect catch-all for organizing your home or office. It's the perfect size for placing your jewelry or glasses at the end of the night, displaying small candles or plants, or for odds and ends at your desk at work. The winner will receive one tray as shown.

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Namaste Tree Lantern

Namaste Tree Lantern
by Rosie Carson at Windcatcher
Value $35

Rosie from Windcatcher is a stay at home mom who stumbled into this very much by accident. She made her first wind chimes as Christmas presents for friends and family and they were blown away. A few of her girlfriends introduced her to Etsy and the rest is history.

Windcatcher is a labor of love for Rosie where she creates items that are crafted from up-cycled wine bottles. She considers it a wonderful thing to save these bottles from landfills and turn them into functional art. The bottom of the bottle is removed and the edges are hand ground and polished to a safe and smooth finish. All of her etchings are unique and each item will be a bit different because they are all done by hand.

The Beautiful Things Giveaway winner will receive one Namaste Tree Wine Bottle Lantern similar to shown with a stand and candle included. Please check out the listing for safety information before using. Rosie says it seems like she learns something new and exciting every day. Working on custom orders is the most fun for her so go ahead and convo her if you have an idea!

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Whiskey Bandito Leather Journal

Whiskey Bandito Leather Journal
by Trevor Washko at Cold Mountain Craft
Value $79

Trevor at Cold Mountain Craft creates fine unique leather items using hand-selected oil-tanned hides, which are hand-cut, hand-punched and hand-sewn. Beautiful and functional, durable and personal, simple and authentic; his work reflects his own self, emerging from the place that he calls home. Because few belongings are more personal, often his journals are custom crafted for the individual. The blank pages of a Cold Mountain Craft journal are an invitation to explore our outer and inner landscapes.

The winner will receive this beautiful heirloom quality, refillable leather journal handmade in Colorado. Designed by an outdoorsman who, rather than have one more journal fall apart from the elements, designed this rugged, high quality, adventure-ready journal. The main leather is Whiskey Bandito, a warm brown, golden oil-tanned cowhide leather with a slight texture. The thread is a turquoise Irish-Waxed Linen. Easily fasten your pages shut with a Magnesite Concho and leather strap. The back of the journal is hand-branded with the Cold Mountain Craft logo. This journal is perfectly designed to hold a standard 5.5" x 8.5" hardbound and heavyweight blank book, for 220 unlined pages of notes and entries (included). The acid free paper was sourced from certified sustainable forests, so you can feel good about refilling your journal again and again.

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Retro Headband

Retro Knit Headband
by Katty Huertas at Katty’s Handcrafts
Value $25

Katty recently moved to Maryland from Florida where she lives with her husband and two cats. Besides running Katty’s Handcrafts, she is also an illustrator and painter, and basically loves anything creative. 

Katty started knitting when her grandmother taught her and never stopped. What she loves about knitting is that it is a very traditional practice yet it allows her to create new and unique designs. Katty’s inspiration comes mostly from nature and vintage fashion. She also loves bold colors and really admires people who aren’t afraid of dressing boldly.

This retro knit headband in navy can double as an ear warmer, looks like a turban and the best part is that you can pull it down and wear it as a mini cowl or neck warmer! It will also make a great yoga headband.  Each headband is made with super soft 100% vegan acrylic yarn from America. Winner will receive this headband in navy blue.

Check out Katty’s Handcrafts here too: Facebook -  Instagram - Tumblr - Website

Wine Charms

Hope Inspirational Wine Charms
by Cheryl Lee at The Craft Room Store
Value $13.99

Cheryl from The Craft Room Store is a mother of two wonderful young ladies and a proud grandmother of four. She lives in the mountains of Asheville, NC and gets plenty of inspiration from the beauty there. Cheryl’s mother taught her at a very early age to be crafty, creative and resourceful. Beading is her passion, but Cheryl’s creativity goes in all directions so she wanders with it from time to time. Cheryl believes a girl can never have too much sparkle!!  

Cheryl has been on Etsy since 2010 with The Craft Room Store and branched out with another store on Etsy, The Twisted Beads, last year. She also sells around town in couple of places... The gift shops at The Biltmore Estate, and Dolce Vita on Wall Street, downtown Asheville. 

The winner will receive a set of 5 inspirational wine charms as shown. These elegant wine charms are made with tarnish resistant silver plated wires and accent beads. They would be perfect for any get together and work well with any size stem wear, wine glass, champagne glass or hung on the handle of a coffee mug. 

Check out Cheryl out here too:  The Twisted Beads - Website

Raw Comb Honey

Pure Raw Comb Honey
from Jayne and Isaac Barnes at The Honeyrun Farm
Value $12

Back in 2003 Jayne gifted a hive of bees to her then boyfriend, Isaac. With his curiosity in natural and scientific things- combined with an insatiable love for honey- Jayne knew it would be a hit. Little did she realize it would turn into a career and a way of life for their future family! 

Isaac is the beekeeper and spends his Spring, Summer, and Fall days maintaining the health of their 600 colonies of honeybees on their farm in Williamsport, OH. He monitors the hives by checking their brood pattern, ensuring adequate pollen and honey stores, and always making sure the hives' well-being is the first priority. He harvests the surplus honey and brings it back to their honey house- spinning the fresh honey from the comb, straining out the bits of beeswax and bottling it up for customers.

As a mother of four and a small business owner, Jayne wears many hats- along with helping Isaac with aspects of beekeeping, she is the one who corresponds with customer emails as well as making soap, salves, lip balm, and beeswax candles. 

Jayne and Isaac are immersed with their work daily, yet believe when you love what you do, it really doesn't feel like work. Their beautiful children accompany them to complete tasks on the farm, and the husband and wife are continually grateful to be able to stay home with their family while creating natural products from their farm. 

This comb honey is a sample of nature's purest and most sweet food, having not been altered in any way...distilled from the nectar and put in the container by the bees themselves. Use it on biscuits, muffins, toast, cereal, fruit, sandwiches -- or eat it plain, as a wholesome candy. The delicate wax may be eaten, too, or chewed like gum. Each comb square is approximately 10-15 ounces. 

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Neck Wraps from SoBright Designs

Spa Neck Wraps (set of 2)
by Liz Farnsworth at SoBright Designs
Value $34

As a part time teacher and stay home mother, Liz has been able to build an Etsy shop doing something she loves, creating items that help people feel better. When her mother in law asked Liz to make a wrap for her, a business idea was formed. Her shop is named for her two children, Sophia and Brighton.

Liz’s neck wraps, eye masks and heat pads are made by hand from her home in Easton, PA. They are useful for everything from neck strain from computer use to sports injuries. The winner will receive a set of two neck wraps filled with rice and flax seed. Each measures approx. 5" x 19". Heat wraps are filled with flax seed to hold the heat and rice which gives moist heat. Heat will last for 30+ minutes. They are created with designer cotton fabric for the front and coordinating cozy flannel for the back. You will receive one wrap scented with lavender and the other without scent in navy and teal quatrefoil fabric as shown. Please follow instructions in package for use.

Check out SoBright Designs here too: Facebook - Website

Beeswax Candle Trio 

Beeswax Candle Trio
by Myla at Sweet Bee Honey & Crafts
Value $28

Myla from Sweet Bee Honey & Crafts got her start about 8 years ago when a friend asked if she wanted to take a beekeeping class with her. Myla had met a couple of beekeepers in the past and remembers thinking that was an interesting hobby but nothing more. But Myla’s friend knew of her Environmental Studies degree and background in gardening/landscaping. She was aware of Colony Collapse Disorder and thought it would be a good way to help or find out more. As a stay-at-home mom at the time, she was unsure about this hobby but though it was interesting enough to take the class.

The first day of the class, about an hour into it, Myla turned to her friend and said, "These honey bees are the coolest thing ever! I am definitely going to get a hive". She went home to her husband gushing with the new things she had learned and the rest is history. Myla has been crafting since she was in preschool. She learned how to crochet and knit at an early age and later on learned some basic quilting and sewing. While she now has less time for knitting and sewing, it's definitely something she still enjoys in the winter, especially.

The beeswax candles are made with honey cappings, beeswax that is a by-product of the honey harvest. They hold the natural scent of the honey they once held. Myla’s beeswax candles will not bring harmful toxins to your home, nor will they leave soot stains behind. Since they are a product of nature, the color and scent may vary. The winner will receive this trio of a wonderfully bold honeycomb textured beeswax pillar (2x6 inch), a diamond pillar (1.7 x 4.5 inch) and a modern beehive skep (1.7 x 2.8 inch).  Two of these candles have been featured in Midwest Living Magazine and have also won ribbons at the MN State Fair.

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