Whether you are a musician or just a fan, these options for adding music home décor to the mix are a great expression of something that is universal the world over. In every culture around the world, music is a part of society. From rock and roll to classical, the connection between people and their favorite genre runs deep and lasts a lifetime. When you add our colorful music wall décor to your home, you honor that connection in a stylish and fun manner!

We are pleased to bring you a selection of decals for adding music home décor in a way that is sure to delight. These decals let you create a beautifully depicted representation of musical imagery in a way that looks professionally painted. While the results look professionally created, you certainly don’t need to have prior art experience or skill to pull these off! The great thing about our music wall décor decals is that anyone can master them with ease. Made with high-quality materials designed to offer a smooth transfer free of bubbles, creases, or white lines around the edges, our decals are easy to place and can be reused without losing their adhesive nature. These easy to place decals are made in vibrant hues and exciting designs perfect for a range of home styles. Whether looking for a playful fox playing a tune on his flute, a music note tree in vibrant patchwork colors, or a stylish guitar image created by esteemed artist Valentina Harper, we have a style perfect for a range of tastes to show your appreciation of this beloved art form. The details on these images are always crisp and clean to create a vivid display to bring your walls to life in a stylish manner. Add some colorful style to your home today with these easy to use decals!

At My Wonderful Walls, we are dedicated to bringing new life to your space with our innovative products and designs. If you have any questions while shopping with us, please reach out for assistance. We would be happy to assist you in any way!

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Music Home Décor

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