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What's so great about our surf wall stickers?

What’s so great about our surf wall sticker decals? Why, thank you for asking! Here’s what puts our surf decal wall stickers in a class of their own:
  • Our surf wall sticker decals are made from SafeCling™, an innovative fabric sticker material that is repositionable, removable, reusable, layerable, tear-resistant, and mess-free.
  • They are super easy to put up. Just peel and stick our surf wall sticker decals. 
  • Our surf sticker decals stay tight on the walls and won’t go peeling off the walls like the cheaper brands do. 
  • We’ve put great details into the designs. Our surf wall stickers boast a stunning natural look as if they were made from organic fibers.
  • They are ultra thin and look hand-painted on the wall. 
  • The surf wall design goes out to the edge, so there is no white border
  • Choose from a wide range of sizes, from full-room wall mural sticker decal packs to stunning one-piece vignettes. 
  • We offer so many popular surf sticker decal themes for kids’ rooms and grown-up spaces too!
“I just wanted to tell you that your stickers are the best. I’ll never use anything else. They are even more beautiful than I had imagined. Each is like a unique piece of art – so detailed. And it was super easy to put up. I did the whole thing while my daughter was napping one afternoon. Thank you, My Wonderful Walls!”  -Sasha B.

Make your ‘stay'cation feel like a vacation with our surf wall decals! Stay above the water with our tiki-themed surfing wall decals or go under the sea with our turtle wall decals and accompanying octopus, whale and mermaid wall stickers. Not limited to the bedroom, these surf wall decals are perfect for a beach-themed bathroom, a play space or even a basement retreat. Our surfing wall decals would look great next to your basement bar in your prized man cave.

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