Don’t think you have to stop at simply painting your farm mural! By adding a few embellishments, you can really make the mural pop from the walls of the baby nursery! This video shows ideas that take a mural so much further! For example, how cool it looks to add fruit to your painted trees using jewels from craft stores, adding a sparkle to bees using glitter glue, adding mirrors to the giant sunflowers, and so many more great ideas that are so simple and easy to do, but make for a mural that is truly your own.



Transcript: Embellishing the Friendly Farm Wall Mural Sticker Kit

Stephanie – The Friendly Farm Stencil Kit from is a fabulous tool when decorating your baby nursery. After painting the walls, you’ll probably find that you don’t want to stop there. The good news is you don’t have to! You can embellish the stencils with materials found in any craft store. Here are some ideas to get you started. Add apples to the trees with ruby red jewels. Glue brightly colored sequins to the wings of the butterflies. Make your bee sparkle with glitter glue. Give texture to the sheep with some fuzzy felt. Add colorful feathers to the rooster tail. Firmly affix craft rope to the horse for an attractive mane. Or affix circular mirrors to the centers of the sunflowers. I’m Stephanie Goins from, where we make it easy for your walls to be wonderful.