family tree wall sticker
family tree wall sticker

Awesome Acorn Family Tree Wall Sticker

$93.99 USD
  1. 25 large acorn and tree fabric wall stickers
  2. ultra easy – simply peel and stick
  3. create a family tree wall mural in minutes
  4. repositionable, reusable, layerable
  5. made from SafeCling™ fabric that won’t stretch or tear
  6. leaves no residue when removed
  7. gorgeous design that looks hand-painted on the wall

Full Description

Unique and absolutely gorgeous! Our Acorn Family Tree Wall Sticker Kit boasts a giant 3-foot oak tree wall sticker, 20 acorn frame wall stickers and 4 playful squirrel wall stickers. Trust us! You’ve never seen anything like this before. Our colorful and whimsical acorn family tree wall sticker goes up in minutes. Simply peel and stick. Fill the acorn frames with pictures of your family and arrange them any how you like for an eye-catching kid room wall mural. This is more than just a kid’s room wall mural but also a fascinating conversation piece sure to bring about discussion about your family ties and history. How neat is that?

Product Measurements:

Frames – 2.9″w x 3.75″ (qty 6); 2.3″w x 3.5″h (qty 6); 2.25″w x 3″h (qty 8), measures the inside edge of sticker frames (or size of exposed picture)

Squirrels – 8.5″ x 6″ (qty 1); 7″ x 7″ (qty 1); 9″ x 7″ (qty 1); 5.5″ x 6.5″ (qty 1)

Tree – Measures 38.5″w x 39.5″h

The Acorn Family Tree is perfect for children of any age, from babies to teens and looks spectacular in the bedroom, play room, bathroom, kitchen, living room and more.

And you’ll love this wall sticker material. SafeCling™ is a fabric wall decal material that is repositionable, removable, and layerable. It sticks well to walls, is easy-to-apply and easy-to-clean. It is virtually impossible to mess up and leaves no sticky residue when you remove it from your walls.

Note: The background wall colors you see in this image are painted on. These colors are: 

Grass – Lowe’s Valspar 6607-8A Sonic Lime

Sky – Lowe’s Olympic B51-1 Cloud Nine

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