dinosaur wall mural
t-rex sticker
Dinosaur Wall Sticker Decal Kit - JUMBO SET
personalized dinosaur sign
brachiosaurus sticker
tree sticker
deinonychus sticker
ornithomimus sticker
ankylosaurus sticker
brachiosaurus sticker
brachiosaurus sticker
ramphorhynchus sticker
centipede sticker
fern sticker
meteorite sticker
beetle sticker
parasaurolophus sticker
triceratops sticker
sun sticker
pterodactylus sticker
ramphorhynchus sticker
stegosaurus sticker
stegosaurus sticker
Dinosaur Wall Sticker Decal Kit - JUMBO SET
tree sticker
triceratops sticker
volcano sticker

Dinosaur Wall Sticker Decal Kit - JUMBO SET

$136.99 USD
  • 38 large dinosaur themed fabric wall stickers
  • Make a dinosaur wall mural in your baby or kids room in minutes!
  • Repositionable and reusable
  • Layerable
  • Leaves no residue when removed
  • Handmade paper look
  • No white edges – looks like it's painted on the wall.
  • Just peel and stick!

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    Full Description:
    Personality plus! Our Dinosaur Days Wall Decal kit is oozing with character and prehistoric goodness! This wall sticker kit is jam-packed with 38 dinosaur themed wall stickers – enough to fill up the walls of your dinosaur-loving little one. This kit boasts a bombastic prehistoric tree, all your child’s favorite dinosaurs, falling meteorites, exploding volcano, creeping insects, and much more. Our wall stickers are made from SafeClingTM, an innovative fabric adhesive material that is repositionable, removable, and layerable. And you’ll love the detail in the designs as we’ve achieved a “handmade-paper-meets-wall-sticker-look” that is quite extraordinary. Though flat to the touch, these wall decals appear to have an organic and earthy texture.

    In the wall sticker kit you’ll receive:
    4-foot tree wall sticker, 3-foot t-rex wall sticker, 3 brachiosaurus wall stickers, 2 triceratops wall stickers, deinonychus wall sticker, 2 stegosaurus wall stickers, ornithomimus wall sticker, parasaurolophus wall sticker, anklyosaurus wall sticker, stygimoloch wall sticker, 2 ramphorhynchus wall stickers, 3 pterodactylus wall stickers, centipede wall sticker, beetle wall sticker, volcano wall sticker, sun wall sticker, 3 meteorite wall stickers, 7 small tree wall stickers and 3 cloud wall stickers.

    Don’t want to paint the grassy hill in the background? No problem! You can purchase a green backdrop hill decal HERE.

    The Dinosaur Days Wall Decal Kit is perfect for your baby boy nursery, boy’s rooms, toddler room, baby girl’s room, girl’s room, and looks great in bedrooms, playrooms, bathrooms, classrooms, day care centers, preschools, classrooms and more. With so many stickers in one kit, you can create a colorful dinosaur theme wall mural on one wall or on all four!

    Our dinosaur wall art stickers are a great option for people who like instant makeovers, enjoy decorating often, or don’t want to make a permanent change to the walls. And you’ll love the wall decal material. Our wall sticker material that is repositionable and removable. It adheres well to walls, is easy-to-apply and easy-to-clean. It is virtually impossible to mess up and leaves no sticky residue when you remove it from your walls. Remarkable stuff!

    Note: The background sky color you see in this image is painted on. The color is Sky – Lowe’s Valspar 4006-9C Bluish. The hill is a decal sold separately. You can purchase a green hill decal HERE.

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