Traffic Light Stencil

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Red light – STOP! Yellow light – SLOW! Green light – GO! Let your child direct traffic in his room when you paint this traffic light stencil onto his walls. It looks fantastic as an addition to a transportation themed room! The best part is that no artistic talent is required! Because of the self adhesive design, all you have to do is peel the 8.5"w x 48.5"h stencil from the backing, place it on the wall, paint in, and remove! It takes so little effort, but it looks just fantastic! This 2-piece stop light stencil will look great by itself, or with the rest of the full room from the Transportation Fascination Wall Mural Stencil Kit. Also, our stencils are not limited to walls! You can use them to spice up the accessories in a room! Paint with our stencils onto your wooden furniture, or anywhere with a flat surface! Our stencils make it so easy to create an incredible room!

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