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About Us

“I had a blast decorating my child’s room, and I found the process fun and easy. Even though I have no artistic talent, I was able to create a fabulous room. Thank you!” –Andrea C.

You’re welcome, Andrea. We are all about encouraging big imaginations. If your kids are like ours, they dream of flying around the stars, hunting for dinosaurs, and sipping tea with princesses. Our kids have imaginations that go to outer space and back down to the deepest depths of the ocean. And listening to the massive tales of what goes on inside their little heads is one of a parent’s greatest joys.
Of course, I am not the only parent who loves when their children dream big. Yet, I have an advantage—I am an artist.  When our kids started dreaming beyond their four walls, I grabbed my paints. After hand-painting a mural in our oldest son’s room, I had a “light bulb” moment. How great would it be to make giant stencil kits that would easily allow all parents to paint their own wall mural?! Well, turns out that the wifey loved the idea too, and the company was born! 

Since then, we have added hundreds of new kids wall decor and also offer elegant, unique designs for grown-ups too. And all of our products are created with the person who can’t draw a stick figure in mind. Choose from either wall stickers or wall stencils to convert your home into an artist’s home.:
  • Wall Mural Stencil Kits—We are the only place that you will find kits that transform an entire room from an ordinary space to an imagination station. Stencils are self-adhesive, so you don’t have to worry about taping them or stinky adhesive sprays. Watch our videos for more information on how easy they are to use.
  • Wall Stickers—Don’t feel like painting? These stick to your wall with our special SafeCling™ which is repositionable, layers easily, leaves no residue, and is so thin and detailed it looks hand-painted on the wall.
All of our products are made in Chattanooga, Tennessee by our wonderful team:
Michael – Founder, Designer, Artist, Big Thinker, and Ring Leader
Stephanie – Customer Service Superstar & Marketing Monkey
Dave – Calm, Cool & Collected Canvas/Stencil Maker and Awesome Artist
Jim – Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Sticker Maker
Lisa – Shipper & Packer Extraordinaire
Elizabeth – Go-to-Girl who can do it all
Tara – Social Networking Nut & Giveaway Guru
Adrian & Isaac – Market Researches & Inspiration (our children)

We are also BIG supporters of Arts education. An exciting project we are working on is called Owl Hill. We began this project because the Arts program is typically the first to be cut when the school budget gets tight. It happened to us at our son’s school, so we decided to do something about it ourselves. Currently we are in the process of creating the content for Owl Hill, a website dedicated to teaching art and music to children. You can look forward to a new, puppet-lead, free online resource that will include drawing lessons, interviews & performances with musicians, instrument lessons, interviews with community artists, environmental art videos, craft projects for little ones, interactive games and more. Our goal is to encourage children to tap into their unique creative juices and learn something at the same time. Soon Owl Hill will be in full swing and will have found its way into schools, libraries and homes across the globe. Owl Hill was recently featured in the Times Free Press of Chattanooga! Go here to watch the video and read the full article. 

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