Gender Neutral Nursery Mural for Baby Zya in Dublin

by Stephanie Goins on April 29, 2014

Forest Nursery Mural

Dublin mom, Zanya, is a CEO of a web design agency who likes to paint in her spare time. She also takes off mountain biking when she gets a chance. She tells us the trails in Ireland, where she lives, are full of rocks and tree branches and great for an adrenaline rush and now that she’s a mom she just needs to get home to her baby in one piece. When designing the nursery for her baby while still pregnant, Zanya wanted a tamer experience and a fun, gender neutral nursery mural. She didn’t find out the sex of her baby while pregnant so in an internet search for wall stickers she rejected those that were all done in baby blue or pink. When Zanya found our Forest Themed Wall Stickers she loved the gender neutral colors and the fact that she could easily move and remove the decals. And the set even comes with a trail sign reading "Critter Crossing" or you can have it personalized. 

Zanya is pretty comfortable in a creative environment and was able to paint her own clouds, hills and pond in the nursery. She did look at our customer gallery to see how others had painted their walls before applying the wall stickers. If you are not artistically inclined, we also have resources to help you like video tutorials and a virtual mural maker. When it was time to add the elements of the forest mural, Zanya had great fun selecting where each piece would go. She chose wall stickers over stencils, though we have the same design in stencil form, because they are re-usable and easy to reposition. Our wall stickers are made of a unique fabric that won’t tear or mess up your walls when you try to move them so they are a great option for many families. If you would like a more girlie forest mural, we also have the same stickers with a lot more pink!

All in all the mural took about one day to complete and Zanya is very happy with the results. Now that baby Zya is 8 months old, Zanya spends a lot of time making sounds for the animals on her nursery walls to engage Zya.  She tells us that she is still figuring out what noises to make for the snail and the worm!

We hope that Zanya and Zya will enjoy their forest mural for many years to come. If you are looking for a gender neutral theme too, check out the many wall sticker options we have great for girls or boys. Or if you want to paint your mural, visit our wall stencil kit page for many of the same designs in stencil form and more!



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