Farm Themed Wall Mural a Family Affair

by Bold Apps on June 12, 2014
Farm Wall Mural

Tripp and Danna from Washington State tell us they are smaller town people who both have family that farms so our Friendly Farm Wall Mural Theme was the one idea they both got excited about when planning their son Grant’s bedroom mural. Danna tells us she had her mind set on painting with stencils but hubby and she both agreed, fabric wall stickers would be so much easier and still look wonderful.  Though her mural painting skills might not be professional, Danna says she likes to craft and in fact has opened her own store on Etsy where she sells home décor and gifts made from wood pallets. (Check it out at Pallets I Reckon.) Hubby is a busy baseball umpire who travels almost year round and mom is in brewery sales full-time aside from her shop, so when they are all together as a family, that time is precious. Often they are busy doing projects and decorating together. Our farm themed wall stickers definitely helped make it easy and fun for the pair to work on a room for Grant without breaking the bank or spending their whole weekend working on it!

With the Friendly Farm Mural Theme, you have the choice of having a personalized barn sticker which is Danna’s favorite element in Grant’s mural. We will add your child’s name on the barn or another name or phrase for no extra charge. In addition to the regular pack of large wall stickers (35 in fact) that comes in the kit, you have the option of buying booster packs so you can add a few extra cows or pigs to the mural. This ability to mix and match was pleasing to Danna as well. While our wall murals are pretty easy to involve the kids in, Grant was about a year and a half when the stickers went up, so his contribution to the project was dancing around and stomping on the backing paper as Danna put the decals up. Older kids can definitely help with the placement of the wall stickers though.

Once the walls were painted with a grassy hill, applying the stickers was done in about 5 minute. Danna said she loved how easy the stickers were to put up and move around if she didn’t like the way they went up at first. Her helpful tip as you apply your decals is to step back and take a look. If you’re not happy with the placement of the stickers, they are easy to remove and reapply. Once you have the stickers how you want them, use a credit card or something to make it stick really well. After their mural was done, Danna and Tripp were very happy they chose to use wall decals over painting the farm themed bedroom for Grant. Grant seemed pretty pleased too and does a lot of talking to his farm animals - making the sounds they make. Danna is sure that he will start pretending to be a farmer as soon as he is old enough!

If you’d like to create a farm themed mural for your child, check out our Farm Wall Stickers or Farm Wall Stencils with coordinating paint kit. We are always happy to answer your questions via email at or by phone 10-6 EST, Monday through Friday at 423-815-1703. 

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