Introducing Wall Decals with Art from Balázs Solti - Meet the Artist

by Stephanie Goins on September 29, 2014


It’s pretty wonderful that with today’s technology, My Wonderful Walls, a small wall décor business in Chattanooga, TN can partner with Hungarian artist Balázs Solti to bring quirky, witty art wall decals to their online collection. Having offered original artwork in wall stickers and wall stencils for many years, owner Michael Goins wanted to add art from artists around the globe that would diversify their wall sticker offerings. With wife and co-owner, Stephanie, he found several artists whose work they loved and allowed their business to add to their wall decal offerings for both kids rooms and adults. With his passion for portraying animals, skulls and portraits in his art, Balázs has been a great addition to the My Wonderful Walls featured artist’s collection. Here’s a little more about the artist and his work:

My Wonderful Walls: Where were you born?
Balázs Solti: I was born in Budapest, Hungary.

MWW: Where do you live now?
Balázs Solti: I live in Budapest, I have never lived elsewhere, and it’s a beautiful and lively city.

MWW: Were you always interested in art? How did you begin? When did you begin?
Balázs Solti: I drew a lot as a child but I never studied drawing professionally. When I was teenager the drawing went forgotten for a while, other things were more important.

MWW: When did it turn professional?
Balázs Solti: I started drawing again (around 2009-2010), so it turned professional in the last 2 years.

MWW: Did you go to school to study art/graphic art?
Balázs Solti: I never went to art school, I'm a self-taught artist. I studied graphic design and web design in courses, and then I started drawing again to create designs freely.

MWW: What inspires your art?
Balázs Solti: Music, TV, films, or just surfing on the net, read an article are also great inspiration sources for me. Even if it's cliché you can find inspiration everywhere.

MWW: What medium do you prefer? Digital? Acrylic? Water colors? Etc.
Balázs Solti: I create my artworks digitally for prints, because I can easily modify them, the background and the drawing are on separate layers, I can change colors anytime and there is an undo button. :) In my free time I'm making acrylic paintings, pencil and ink drawings.

MWW: What is your favorite thing/subject matter to create?
Balázs Solti: I like to paint/draw animals, skull and portraits.

MWW: Where do you do most of your artwork? Describe your creative environment.
Balázs Solti: I'm working at home with a great view of the mountain.

MWW: What are some of your other interests?
Balázs Solti: Music, not just listening, I play the guitar. I do sports regularly, I like TV series, read books, watch football (European) etc.

MWW: Do you live solely off your art or do you have another job/career?
Balázs Solti: Thanks to sites like I can make a living as an artist/full time illustrator.

MWW: How did you get involved with My Wonderful Walls initially?
Balázs Solti: Stephanie contacted me through my Facebook page:

We think you’ll love the often irreverent and always fun art from Balázs Solti in wall decal form on our site. Shop for such stickers as 80’s Girl featuring a poodle dressed like she just stepped off the set of Flashdance. Or for the Breaking Bad fans, how about Say My Name a witty lion decal for all you Walter White lovers. Check out the entire Balázs Solti wall sticker collection now available in many different shapes and sizes great for bedrooms, living rooms, dens, office spaces, dorm rooms, restaurants and more!

Balázs Solti aims to create art that elicits emotion and makes people smile. If you love this artist’s work, you can find his original prints on his homepage as well as at Society 6 where his artwork is also sold on tee-shirts, tote bags and more.




Blog post written by Tara