My Wonderful Walls Brings Cheer to a Bulgarian Orphanage

by Stephanie Goins on September 14, 2011

Sun Wall MuralRecently My Wonderful Walls had an opportunity to partner with students at Wildwood School in LA, as the students undertook a Community Involvement trip to spread hope and love to an orphanage in Gobrovo, Bulgaria. The students were able to partner with other students from Sophia, Bulgaria, adding to the wonderful cultural experience they gained in addition to lending a helping hand.

While the orphanages work hard to help give orphaned children a safe landing zone, the buildings there remain drab, bleak, and without the bright, lively touches that can be a bright spot in any child’s life. Here in the states we are blessed to have many customers that use our wall decals and murals in their nurseries and children’s bedrooms, and we are so excited that we are beginning to have a positive impact in children’s lives overseas as well.

This is why the teacher heading up the trip contacted us to see if we would be willing to help them select some wall murals in fun forest themes and flower themes to take with them to the orphanagbulgarian service projecte. The teacher was looking to put together a project that would allow the students to decorate the bedrooms, ideally resulting in bright headboards and wall murals for the children. She thought that our reusable wall stencils would be the perfect solution, since not all of the students were artistically inclined. She also wanted to be able to engage the orphans in the projects as much as possible, and painting definitely spells f-u-n no matter what language it is spoken in.

Needless to say, we were honored to partner with them in bringing joy around the world to children in need, and were delighted when the teacher chose two of our favorite wall stencil kits to take with her: the Splendid Garden stencil kit and the Forest Friends stencil kit.

As you can see from the pictures, the orphanage comes alive with the bright colors and realistic settings that the murals create. What a blessing to have our wall murals be the first bright spot in these children’s day every morning!

The students were also able to paint the wall murals on the hallways and corridors of the orphanage buildings. These areas were – in the teacher’s words – “pretty bleak before we painted them,” – but with a little paint and a lot of love they were soon transformed into something bright and beautiful.

 painting flowers

painting tree mural

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