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Bringing Joy to Children and Staff at Chambliss Shelter 38

Michael Goins and his mother Jean Goins

Recently we had the opportunity to give back to a wonderful cause, we jumped at it! The project at the Children's Home/Chambliss Shelter (CH/CS) started with a simple suggestion from Jean Goins, mother to Michael Goins, My Wonderful Walls owner. Jean is an employee of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee and when she heard that the Tennessee Health Foundation, which is part of Blue Cross Blue Shield in Tennessee, was going to donate some money and volunteer time to the Children's Home/Chambliss Shelter, a light bulb popped in her head and she immediately contacted us about painting a mural in there.

We thought it was a great idea too, and leaped at the chance to volunteer some of our time, along with our fellow volunteers, Adrian and Isaac. Donating our professional mural painting skills and materials were nothing in return for the joy we knew the art would bring to the kids that the shelter works with. We would also like to thank the half dozen Blue Cross Blue Shield volunteers who graciously helped out with the mural too.

We chose to paint our “Forest Friends” wall mural. We did this because this forest theme is the perfect way to help take the children’s minds off of the day-to-day stress of their parents’ or single parent’s crazy work schedules including late shifts or overnight shifts. Even if for a couple minutes, the children could observe the whimsy of the forest animals such as foxes and turtles, and they could count the leaves and flowers on the painted trees and look at the details of the painted mushrooms. As we were painting the mural, our team could only imagine the children’s smiles and laughs when they lose themselves in the magical forest and have a couple of moments of relaxation and fun at the center.

The project was a success, not only because it brought together all of us volunteers, but because it really got to the heart of why we do what we do here at My Wonderful Walls. Sure, we are passionate about art and creativity and about everything that goes along with imaginative play and experiences, but more than that we are passionate about family and about children. The chance to give back so directly to an organization that is helping kids each and every day was definitely a blessing – one that we will not soon forget, either.

We would like the thank the wonderful people at the Children's Home/Chambliss Shelter in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and the employees of Blue Cross Blue Shield who helped us paint the mural. Most importantly, I would like to my Mother-in-Law, Jean, because without her none of this would have been possible. Thank you all so very much!

If you would like to use our products in a community outreach project on your own town, please let us know, as we love to hear how people have used our stencils and stickers to bless others and to make the world around them a little more beautiful and fun.

 painting with stencils painting with stencils painting with stencils

painting with stencils

forest tree stencil painting with stencils painting with stencils

forest wall mural

Michael Goins Paints Mural at His Son's School CSAS 0

Michael Goins, owner of My Wonderful Walls

Michael Goins, the mind and owner behind My Wonderful Walls, had the opportunity to design and paint a lovely mural for his son’s school, Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences. The school wanted to personalize their lackluster office walls and asked Michael to lend his expertise at a mural in the school’s office. His son Isaac had just begun Kindergarten at the time. An artistic person by nature, Michael was glad to lend a hand at his son’s school and use his creative resources to make a difference at a school that was making a difference in his own family’s life.

Michael designed a mural that features the school’s logo and highlights six colorful silhouettes of children playing under a cloud-filled sky. After designing the mural, he then spent a day in the school office creating the painting. When it was finished everyone at the school was absolutely thrilled by it and was very appreciative.

Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences is a Paideia School- a magnet school in Chattanooga, Tennessee that is driven to have a richly diverse socioeconomic and racial student and parental demographic. It has a core curriculum of a liberal arts approach that leads back to original thinker and American philosopher, Mortimer Adler. The school utilizes seminars, “intellectual coaching of skills”, and truly teaching instead of entertaining their students. These principles, as well as many others, are what facilitates a passion for learning early on in it’s students—giving the school a 96 percent rate of attendance—with more than 95 percent of students graduating from there attending college. Test scores at the school are impressively high and have brought attention to the school from all over the nation.

Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences is very committed to a having a healthy amount of parental involvement- requiring parents to contribute 18 hours a year at the school. It really makes a difference when parents are able to be a part of the learning and can contribute their own gifts and skills to their children’s enrichment. Michael was able to do exactly that with the wonderful mural he created.

My Wonderful Walls sells wall stencil kits, stickers, canvas art, and wall murals. Their goal is to make it easy for parents – even those artistically challenged – to design unique and creative bedroom walls for their children. As a family company, they focus on a quality product, customer satisfaction, and feedback. For more information, visit them at


My Wonderful Walls Brings Cheer to a Bulgarian Orphanage 0

Sun Wall MuralRecently My Wonderful Walls had an opportunity to partner with students at Wildwood School in LA, as the students undertook a Community Involvement trip to spread hope and love to an orphanage in Gobrovo, Bulgaria. The students were able to partner with other students from Sophia, Bulgaria, adding to the wonderful cultural experience they gained in addition to lending a helping hand.

While the orphanages work hard to help give orphaned children a safe landing zone, the buildings there remain drab, bleak, and without the bright, lively touches that can be a bright spot in any child’s life. Here in the states we are blessed to have many customers that use our wall decals and murals in their nurseries and children’s bedrooms, and we are so excited that we are beginning to have a positive impact in children’s lives overseas as well.

This is why the teacher heading up the trip contacted us to see if we would be willing to help them select some wall murals in fun forest themes and flower themes to take with them to the orphanagbulgarian service projecte. The teacher was looking to put together a project that would allow the students to decorate the bedrooms, ideally resulting in bright headboards and wall murals for the children. She thought that our reusable wall stencils would be the perfect solution, since not all of the students were artistically inclined. She also wanted to be able to engage the orphans in the projects as much as possible, and painting definitely spells f-u-n no matter what language it is spoken in.

Needless to say, we were honored to partner with them in bringing joy around the world to children in need, and were delighted when the teacher chose two of our favorite wall stencil kits to take with her: the Splendid Garden stencil kit and the Forest Friends stencil kit.

As you can see from the pictures, the orphanage comes alive with the bright colors and realistic settings that the murals create. What a blessing to have our wall murals be the first bright spot in these children’s day every morning!

The students were also able to paint the wall murals on the hallways and corridors of the orphanage buildings. These areas were – in the teacher’s words – “pretty bleak before we painted them,” – but with a little paint and a lot of love they were soon transformed into something bright and beautiful.

 painting flowers

painting tree mural

service project community service

painting tree    painting mural stencils