Parenting With Plants

by Stephanie Goins on June 27, 2012

At My Wonderful Walls, we have many parents that search our site looking for wall art that depicts scenes of nature or fabulous floral designs to decorate their children’s rooms. Children are fascinated with plants and nature and we love to encoGardening with Kidsurage parents to find ways to incorporate gardening into their parenting plans. Here are a few creative paths we’ve thought of to help parents connect with their children by growing something beautiful together!

Picture this
Kids love to admire beautiful flowers, but learning how a flower gets to be so dazzling can be just as exciting! Create a project with your children that teaches them the fundamentals of not only planting flowers, but documenting how they grow over time. Set aside a space either inside your home or in your backyard and dedicate it to the flowers you want to grow. Take pictures of your children planting the seeds, then have them photograph the ground daily to track their flower’s progress.

Not only is this a great lesson in how nature works, but once the flower is fully matured, you’ll have a sequence oOutdoor Activities for Familiesf pictures that can be framed and used as educational wall art in your child’s room. We think a framed, flower sequence mural would look great as an addition to the Flower Garden Wall Murals we offer at My Wonderful Walls!

Painted flowerpots
A beautiful flower can be grown anywhere, but how much more special would it be if that flower grew in a pot that your child decorated by hand! A few tubes of bright, acrylic paint and a little spare time is all it takes to give home-potted flowerpots a personalized touch—all completed with the help of your child’s imagination! Set a painted flowerpot next to our flower wall stickers and watch your walls come to life.

Magical markers
If it’s important that your plants stay outside, give your kids creative freedom by having them decorate the markers that differentiate the flowers by name. A piece of foam board attached to a popsicle stick is all you need to turn an ordinary plant marker into a special piece of art that your child wArt With Natureill feel proud of. Give your kids ownership over their very own flower garden by letting them make up unique names for the plants they care for. Encouraging your children to be creative with gardening will inspire them to continue on learning about how nature delivers its most spectacular creations right in our own backyards for years to come.

Once those same flowers are out of season, consider framing the markers and hanging the wall art up in your child’s room as an artistic reminder of just how great they did in the yard! Not only is this a colorful addition to any room in your home, but it’s an important and personalized memento that will get your children excited about planting flowers alongside mom or dad next summer as well! Watch a single plant grow into an entire family tradition right before your eyes.