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Parents "To Be" Create Whimsical Forest Room for Baby McKenzie 19

Whimsical Forest Themed Nursery

Parents "to be" Charles and Genevieve Foxworthy knew without a shadow of a doubt, they were looking for a fox and forest themed room for their new baby girl on the way, McKenzie. Well, once they saw our site:, they looked no further! Though we also sell sticker versions of our stencil kits, the Foxworthy's went the stencil route creating a beautiful and whimsical space for their new baby girl. Read the interview we had with Charles below to hear about their nursery decorating journey: 

My Wonderful Walls: What gave you the idea and inspiration for such a creative nursery project? 

Charles: We have always loved foxes and thought what better way to decorate a baby girls room then to litter it with fox and forest imagery. It is also a part of our family crest which help solidify the center piece of the fox.

MWW: For whom is this Forest Themed mural intended?

Charles: The mural is going to be for my yet to be born daughter McKenzie Marie.

MWW: What made you choose this theme and what made this mural a good fit for your project? 

Charles: I picked out the Forest Friends kit, mainly we did this because it had a fox in it and we have always loved foxes.

MWW: What do you think your child's reaction will be to the wall mural when she first sees it?

Charles: Well, once I finished the project I brought my pregnant wife in the room and unborn baby McKenzie kicked her, so we think she’s pretty excited to live in there.

MWW: About how long did it take you to complete the project?

Charles: I think total it took me about 6-8 hours spread out over 3 days. Progress was slow going at first while I was figuring out the best way to use the stencils on the textured wall, but after that, when I started lining up multiple stencils that used the same colors, and I had about 5 brushes with different colors going at once, things sped up considerably.

MWW: What did you enjoy most about the your mural creation experience? 

Charles: The best part about the creation of the mural was probably painting those foxes they are just so darn cute and I wanted to cuddle with them.

MWW: Did you add any personal touches to the mural/room other than what came with the kit? If so, what gave you the inspiration? 

Charles: Being a woodworker, I made a heart that says, "Love" out of Purple Heart, Mahogany, and Koa. It was a blast to make as well and she will be able to put it up in her kid’s room one day. I also sew and make quilts as well as some other crafts, mainly learned from my mom.

MWW: Do you have a favorite piece or favorite scene you created? If so, please describe.

Charles: Yes, the pink shell’d turtle going to eat the mushrooms reminds me of Mario Brothers. 

MWW: Do you have any helpful tips for people who use our stencil products?

Charles: I have some very helpful advice, first have a plan. Put as many stencils on the wall as possible. Then pick color to pain that is shared by most of the stencils you plan to paint. Then paint all the stencils with that color by the time you finish the first coat on all the stencils the first stencil should be ready for a second coat. And repeat the process. Also, don’t try to paint in strokes, dab the paint on, and put as little paint as possible on your brush. This will help prevent bleeding on a textured wall.

MWW: Did you utilize any or all of the resources on our main website (how-to videos, virtual mural maker, customer photos)? 

Charles: The only resource I used was the how to video on the Forest Friends main page. I also read the instructions that came with the kit. I found both resources pretty useful. It definitely helps to plan the mural out since the more pieces you can paint at once the faster it goes. And the instructional video helped with the technique for painting the stencils.

MWW: Tell us your overall experience with the stencil kit and with the My Wonderful Walls folks in general.

Charles: Everyone was very, very helpful. There was a little issue where McKenzie’s name was missing a capital 'K' and I let them know. They sent out 2 corrected name tags with the correct spelling immediately and I got it like 2 days later. Best customer service ever. <(Aww, thanks, Charles!)

MWW: What else would you like us to know about you and your project?—parents are important too! 

Charles: Really, I just like to be unique and this project allowed me to make my daughter's room one-of-a-kind. There is no one on this planet who will have the same layout or room as her. I feel that this room is something special I can give to her even as a baby. I know she will grow to appreciate it, love it, and make it her own. I’m glad I also put up my little wood working heart of "Love" in there as well, since it will be something that can be remembered forever.

Well, I'd say baby McKenzie is in for a real treat! A unique forest room that will grow with her for years to come. Thank you Charles and Gen for sharing your experience and beautiful photos with us!

Whimsical Forest Themed Nursery













Calming lilac colored walls compliment room and stencil colors while creating a dreamy sense of wonder. See Charles' handmade "Love" plaque above the bed - perfect!

Whimsical Forest Themed NurseryMcKenzie's bi-plane stencil flying high over mirrored closet doors - cute!

Cuddly, plush foxes sit on McKenzie's dresser in the pic below, patiently awaiting her arrival. Also, don't miss the adorable matching deer tote in the corner! - super cute!!

Whimsical Forest Themed Nursery


















Forest Friends Themed Teepees Prove Our Stencil Kits Aren’t Just For Walls! 2

    Forest Friends Teepee

Back in March, our friend Connie from kokoandkoko designs in the UK asked us if she could use our stencils on fabric for a teepee art project she was planning to do with young children. Brilliant idea, right?!  Connie has created many different lines of teepees and wigwams for children using a variety of designs and materials. This time she wanted to take the teepees to a new level by encouraging the children to create their own designs using our forest friends stencil kit hoping to ignite within them the same passion for arts and crafts she harbors within herself. We couldn’t wait to see how the teepees turned out! Here's what creative Connie had to say about this fun and rewarding experience:

My Wonderful Walls: How did you find out about My Wonderful Walls?
Connie: I stumbled across My Wonderful Walls while searching for reusable stencils using the Google search engine.

MWW: These teepees are amazing! What gave you the idea and inspiration for such a creative project?
Connie: Having made teepees with applique designs, I thought it was going to be interesting for children to take part in decorating and personalizing their own teepees using permanent fabric markers or paint. This project was aimed to help children develop their creativity and art skills by having fun. I also make plain teepees for doodle art where children can have hand prints, sponge art, and any doodles from their great imaginations.

MWW: What are the first names of the people who did the mural on the teepee?
Connie: The names of the children in the picture are Bithiah (girl aged 10yrs) and Shemaiah (boy aged 6yrs).

MWW: Where was your masterpiece created?
Connie: Essex in United Kingdom.

MWW: For whom is this mural intended?
Connie: This was my new design and lines of teepees and wigwams and intended for children.

MWW: What product did you purchase?
Connie: I purchased the Forest Friends Reusable Stencil Kit.

MWW: Tell us a little about why you choose this theme and what made this mural a good fit for your project?
Connie: I love nature and wildlife. The Forest Friends Stencil Kit has all of the classic nature designs that will always be appealing to little ones.

MWW: What was your son's reaction to the mural when he first saw it?
Connie: My son loved it. He was happy when I asked him to show his art skills by painting the teepee.

MWW: How long did it take to complete the project?
Connie: It took [the kids] a few days as an after school project and a weekend. My son asked if I could create another teepee to paint.

MWW: Obviously you have lots of artistic skill, but describe your artistic comfort level. Have you always had a love for arts and crafts?
Connie: I live for art, crafts, and any other creative activities. Having worked as a children's clothing and accessory designer for many years, designing is my life. I enjoy experimenting, but often I don’t have enough time to try all my designs.

MWW: What did you enjoy most about the teepee mural creation experience?
Connie: I enjoyed using the stencils to create a small indoor wildlife scene.

MWW: Was it what you had expected?
Connie: It is definitely what I expected and I would like to try different media or paint if time permits.

MWW: What did the kids think about the process/experience?
Connie: They would like to do another one. I would like them to colour a lampshade, cushion, or a canvas bag.

MWW: Did you add any personal touches to the teepee other than what came with the kit?
Connie: I added the brown and green felt at the bottom to create landscapes.

MWW: Do you have any helpful tips for people who use our products?
Connie: My advice to people is: do not hesitate to invest in one of the My Wonderful Walls mural kits and grow your creativity. You definitely will not be disappointed but will be amazed with the "WOW " results.

MWW: Did you utilize any or all of the resources on our main website (how-to videos, virtual mural maker, or customer photos)?
Connie: I did not use any videos or virtual mural maker because I had my ideas flowing before purchasing the kit. All I needed was to interpret it onto the fabric.

MWW: Would you recommend our products to others? why, or why not.
Connie: I cannot recommend your product enough. Your products are impeccably awesome, and easy to use. With your products there are guaranteed beautiful wall murals for those special people in your life.


Connie, we can’t thank you enough for sharing your experience using our forest friends stencil kit! If you’re feeling as inspired as we are, see for yourself how easy it is to have fun, and get creative with our unique stencils, stencil kits, and wall stickers. If you have a creative way you’ve used our stickers, or stencils, share your awesome idea with us in the comments! Or, let us know by email: Your project could be our next blog post!

                     Forest Friends Teepee                Forest Friends Teepee                 Forest Friends Teepee     

Our Bee Wonderful Project 2

Stop killing our buzz! Learn about our Bee Wonderful Project and how you can help! 

Here at My Wonderful Walls, we care a lot about our environment. Like most folks, we want to do what we can to help make the world a better, brighter place. So, we started the Bee Wonderful Project.

Our Bee Wonderful Project began in the Spring of 2016 as a personal endeavor of Michael Goins, the founder of our company. The decline in bee populations, known as “Colony Collapse Disorder” has already had a serious impact on the environment. The truth about the alarming decline in bee populations really hit home when Michael recently took a trip to Honey Island Swamp, near his childhood stomping grounds in New Orleans. Formerly known for their abundant bee population, Michael was stunned to find there are no bees in Honey Island Swamp now. That’s why we decided to take BIG action in helping out some of our little friends - the bees.

Inspired by Earth Day, we are taking 5% of the proceeds from our Earth Day Sale and putting it toward our Bee Wonderful Project. Join us on our eco-friendly adventure as Michael uploads photos, shares videos and provides updates of the bee-friendly garden and beehives he prepares outside the My Wonderful Walls design studio in Chattanooga, Tennessee.


A bee checking out our newly planted flower garden

Can you find the pollinator among our sprouts?

Find the pollinator

Future bee hive location

7 Ways You Can Help Our Bee-utiful Friends

From fruit, to nuts, to coffee beans, one out of every three mouthfuls of food in the American diet is, in some way, a product of honeybee pollination. So, if you’re nuts about your coffee, you’d better perk up! Bees are dying off at such a rapid rate, our food supply is at serious risk. Here are 7 ways you can help our ‘bee-utiful’ friends:

1. Stop using chemical pesticides: Neonic pesticides are the #1 killer of bees. The best way you can offer immediate assistance to our bee friends as well as other animals and insects, is to stop the use of pesticides all-together! Did you know when you use pesticides they make their way through the entire plant? That means if you use pesticides on your veggie garden, you are not only killing off pollinating insects, like bees, but you are consuming pesticides yourself and putting your own health at serious risk. *Tip: If your garden is in need of pesticides, try organic pesticides and natural insect deterrents like an herb garden, or night blooming flowers to attract bats - known as mother nature’s organic pest control.

2. Practice leave-it-alone gardening: Think about your garden as a habitat for wildlife, rather than a perfectly manicured lawn. Not only is it easier to maintain this type of garden because of the super low maintenance, but it’s also bee-friendly! *Tip from scientist Sylvia Fallon at NRDC’s Land and Wildlife Program.

3. Grow local: You don’t need those fancy-schmancy hybrids you find at plant nurseries to have a bee-utiful garden! They may look pretty, but most of them have the pollen, nectar, and even the scent bred out of them - which isn’t good for our bee friends. *Tip: To find out which bee and insect friendly native plants will work best in your area, visit the Xerces Society.

4. Grow wild: Plant native breeds of all shapes and colors that will bloom from early spring to early fall to attract bees, and butterflies alike! *Tip: Planting in clumps rather than individual flowers or plants will make it easier for our pollinating friends to find you! Also, Milkweed is a particular favorite of the Monarch butterfly.

5. Bee a smart shopper: When shopping for seeds to plant in your garden avoid any and all products that say “protected”. A product with this label means the plants and/or seeds have been chemically pre-treated with pesticides. *Tip: The best way to get seeds for your garden is to buy from organic local farmers, or smaller plant nurseries that specialize in organic gardening.

6. H2O will help them grow: It’s getting warmer outside and bees need cooling off too! Especially in drier climates. If you have a bird bath or a small bowl, fill it with a few pebbles and some fresh water. This will help the bees stay cool and hydrated so they can do their pollinating magic. *Tip: Keep fresh water on hand and change out daily to prevent mosquitoes from nesting.

7. Bee Brave: If you really want to get involved and help the bees in a BIG way, learn how to be a beekeeper! To get started, you can purchase a pre-made “bee box” at your local hardware store or farmer's supply store. Bees also make their homes from fallen branches and trees, so if you have a fallen tree branch on your property, drilling a few bee-inviting holes in the deadwood makes a perfect home for our high flying friends. This is one of the best ways to repopulate the bees and help save our environment. *Tip: For more information check out this inspiring video by Kirby Engleman, as she charms the beekeeper inside all of us.

We hope you’ll follow our journey and do your part to bee wonderful along with us!


DIY Fall Decorating Ideas 0

Apples and Pumpkins

When the temperature starts dropping and thoughts turn towards leaf peeping, apple picking and pumpkins you know it is Autumn. For many of us this is a great reason to add some seasonal décor to our homes and front porches. You can choose to keep it traditional and use fall colors like orange, reds, yellows and browns. Or you can add pops of color with blues, greens and golds when creating your autumn décor. Whether you like the more natural look or something funky and unique, you can create your own fall decorations and get the whole family involved.

Fall means apples to many people and while the apple pies and cider might be your focus, you can also use apples in your decorating.  How about a Dried Apple Wreath for your door like Lauren Michelle at L. Michelle created? Or use the chartreuse color of Granny Smith apples to surround a large pillar candle and place in a glass bowl or vase for an easy centerpiece or mantelpiece. Read how to on the Better Homes and Gardens site.


Dried Apple Wreath

Image by L. Michelle

Green Apple Centerpiece

Image by

If you like to decorate with the yellows and oranges of squash and pumpkins, you can find so many DIY Fall Decor Ideas for using pumpkins in the home.  Try a monogrammed pumpkin with colorful thumbtacks to personalize your display like Amy at All in a Day created. 

Monogrammed Pumpkin

Image by All in a Day

How about a glittered pumpkin as shown on This is something the kids could even help with (I’d spread a lot of newspaper out). The blue with the orange makes a nice contrast but you could do any colors you like.

Glittered Pumpkin

Image by 

Here’s a totally fun project we spotted on Pinterest that someone created for a Martha Steward Radio Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Pumpkin Caterpillar

Image by Paula Kodila


Looks like a lot of fun but a lot of work! The kids would love this in their backyard I bet. What’s the most creative thing you’ve ever done with fall decorating?


For more fall decorating ideas on the blog, check out Fancy Up Fall With a Fantastic Seasonal Centerpiece



Blog post written by Tara


Incorporating Nature….Naturally! 2

When our friends at Better Homes and Gardens get inspired by the green outdoors, we tend to start thinking like naturalists as well! When we saw their article on how to go about incorporating beautiful and natural elements into home décor, we couldn’t help but imagine how a little natural boost could take our stickers, stencils and canvas to a whole new level as well! Here are a few ideas on how to bring the outside world into your home and highlight wall creations with some natural delights.

Colorful stone creations
A well-placed vase filled with colorful stones and playing host to a bouquet of freshly cut flowers could be just what your garden-theme sticker mural is waiting for. At My Wonderful Walls, we love providing customers with floral-themed wall décor, but what better to amp up your in-home garden than the addition of the real thing? Use an assortment of colorful stones in the bottom of a base to highlight your mural colors and keep your flowers firmly in place. This setup gives you the opportunity to not only change out the stone colors as often as you like, but your flowers as well!

Lingering leaves and branches
family tree wall stickerMuch like our friends at Better Homes and Gardens, we believe branches bring out the best in our nature scenes. Customers who have adorned their walls with the addition of a family tree wall sticker might want to branch out and see how adding a real twig or two makes family history come to life! Try applying branches directly to the sticker mural, or even setting them up on a close end table to appear as though they are a part of the surrounding nature.

Seashell scenes
We offer under the sea theme as a running theme for wall stencil murals, wall decal sticker kits as well as canvas art. Everyone loves a trip below the deep blue, so why not give your décor experience even more exciting dimension by adding real seashells into the mix. We’re all about supporting our customer’s creative genius, and love to hear when they’ve found a way to add a personal touch to our decorative themes. A hot glue gun and a beautiful shell collection is all it would take to add a few brightly colored shells to your sticker design or stencil. Attach directly to the wall, or maybe even use the shells to frame a piece of canvas art.

Feathers and more!
Many of our nature-themed murals incorporate birds or birdhouses, so for those who have purchased these decorations, feathers could be a brilliant touch to your scenes of winged-friends in flight. Easily purchased at your local craft store, feathers could be added directly to the wall, or used on a dresser or drawer placed underneath the image. Bring walls scenes to life by making it appear that your feathered friends left a souvenir of their trip behind.

A little nature can go a long way when it comes to interior design. Be sure to let us know if you find additional ways to add a little outdoor inspiration to your indoor décor.


Parenting With Plants 5

At My Wonderful Walls, we have many parents that search our site looking for wall art that depicts scenes of nature or fabulous floral designs to decorate their children’s rooms. Children are fascinated with plants and nature and we love to encoGardening with Kidsurage parents to find ways to incorporate gardening into their parenting plans. Here are a few creative paths we’ve thought of to help parents connect with their children by growing something beautiful together!

Picture this
Kids love to admire beautiful flowers, but learning how a flower gets to be so dazzling can be just as exciting! Create a project with your children that teaches them the fundamentals of not only planting flowers, but documenting how they grow over time. Set aside a space either inside your home or in your backyard and dedicate it to the flowers you want to grow. Take pictures of your children planting the seeds, then have them photograph the ground daily to track their flower’s progress.

Not only is this a great lesson in how nature works, but once the flower is fully matured, you’ll have a sequence oOutdoor Activities for Familiesf pictures that can be framed and used as educational wall art in your child’s room. We think a framed, flower sequence mural would look great as an addition to the Flower Garden Wall Murals we offer at My Wonderful Walls!

Painted flowerpots
A beautiful flower can be grown anywhere, but how much more special would it be if that flower grew in a pot that your child decorated by hand! A few tubes of bright, acrylic paint and a little spare time is all it takes to give home-potted flowerpots a personalized touch—all completed with the help of your child’s imagination! Set a painted flowerpot next to our flower wall stickers and watch your walls come to life.

Magical markers
If it’s important that your plants stay outside, give your kids creative freedom by having them decorate the markers that differentiate the flowers by name. A piece of foam board attached to a popsicle stick is all you need to turn an ordinary plant marker into a special piece of art that your child wArt With Natureill feel proud of. Give your kids ownership over their very own flower garden by letting them make up unique names for the plants they care for. Encouraging your children to be creative with gardening will inspire them to continue on learning about how nature delivers its most spectacular creations right in our own backyards for years to come.

Once those same flowers are out of season, consider framing the markers and hanging the wall art up in your child’s room as an artistic reminder of just how great they did in the yard! Not only is this a colorful addition to any room in your home, but it’s an important and personalized memento that will get your children excited about planting flowers alongside mom or dad next summer as well! Watch a single plant grow into an entire family tradition right before your eyes.