"It’s Showtime!" Video Testimonials Wanted

by Stephanie Goins on February 25, 2016

If you’ve purchased something from us that you love, we want to see your short 30-60 second video testimonial. In exchange for your video, we’ll send you a $20 e-gift card to www.MyWonderfulWalls.com.


1) How long should the video testimonial be? 30-60 seconds. Yes, that’s short but, really, we only want clips less than 1 minute. This is key. 60 seconds max! 

2) What do I do in the video testimonial?  
-tell us your first name and location (city/state/province/country)
- give the product name 
-show the product
-tell us where you have the product
-give specific reasons why you love it (some ideas: quality, installation time, originality, comparison to other products, how you discovered My Wonderful Walls, initial reactions, etc.)

3) Should I shoot the video with my cell phone? Yes, the easiest way for us will be to shoot it with your cell phone. Just make sure there is plenty of light and that you or your “camera person” shoots it with a steady hand. It might also help to plan out what you are going to say first and practice a few times. Additionally, it wouldn't hurt (wink, wink) to tidy up the space a bit. 

4) Should I shoot is horizontally or vertically? Good question because this is IMPORTANT! Make sure you shoot the video horizontally (short and fat), NOT vertically (tall and skinny).

5) Do I have to be in video? No. Feel free to shoot the video from behind the lens or in front of it.

6) Should I have my kids in it? No, leave the kids out of the video. No videos with children will be accepted. 

7) Are other people going to see this video? Yes. When you give us your video, you are giving us permission to share it on our website and on all our social media channels.

8) Can I submit than one video? If you’ve purchased multiple products from us and want to do multiple videos, we’ll give you a $20 e-gift card for the first video and $5 e-gift cards for each additional video. Limit 3 videos per household. Each video must be of a different product.

9) How do I submit the video? Just email it to us at info@mywonderfulwalls.com. Or if the file is too large, use WeTransfer. Just go to https://www.wetransfer.com, upload the file and send it to info@mywonderfulwalls.com. It takes 30 seconds. 

10) How/when will I receive my gift card? Submit your video by March 11, 2016 and then allow 2-3 days for us to review it. Once we’ve confirmed that you’ve complied with all our “rules and regulations”, we’ll send you an e-gift card via email. 

*The fine print: Please take the extra effort to provide us with a usable testimonial of reasonable quality. If your video is unusable (super shaky, unclear, blurry, inaudible, kids in video, etc.), we reserve the right to not issue you a gift card. So, please don’t let that happen. 

Here are 2 short sample testimonials we did in the studio: One with Cassie in front of the camera and another from behind the lens. Feel free to get creative. We are excited to watch your videos! REMEMBER: ALL VIDEOS MUST BE RECEIVED BY MARCH 11, 2016!